Alice Nine to Release New Single and Tour!!; Gackt Moves to Avex

Alice Nine has just finished their last tour, but they are going on another. Plus, they have announced that they will release a new single.

New single will be released on August 4th. It seems like they will play it during the tour.

They will be going on tour and planning to visit almost all places in Japan.

First day of tour, they will play at O-EAST on July 5th, it will be limited to fan club “club ALICE” members. Final date will be a while after October 17th, Zepp Sendai. It will be held at Nipon Budokan which every musicians longs to perform at.

It will be 7 years since they formed as a band in January 2011.They would welcome everyone from the world to see their performance as a compilation of all band activities and also a steppingstone for the next level.
Alice Nine Live Tour 10 “FLASH LIGHT from the past”

Singer Gackt has announced that he has just signed with Avex. His first single under that label is scheduled for June 16, though details are still unknown.

Starting on June 10, Gackt will be doing a nationwide Zepp tour as the band YELLOW FRIED CHICKENs. The tour will run until August 20, with a total of 24 concerts scheduled.

In addition, Sankei Sports reports that he is planning to do his first Europe tour this summer, though nothing has been finalized yet.

Source:; tokyograph; jpopasia


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