Super Junior’s 2nd & 3rd Comeback Stage, That’s More Like It!!

I didn’t like the first perf that musch but my guess is right…they will improve in their next perfs. The improvement was really far from the previous perf…and they just keep getting better and hotter! Check out the perfs…

[May 15, 2010] 2nd Comeback Stage @ Music Core

Boom Boom (Bad Girl) Perf

Boom Boom is a really cool song! Liking it so much!
Eunhyuk eye make-up ❤ though what’s that line of cloth beteen his knees? He’s like tied or something? LOL. I still love him. was worried he’d trip though 😐
Heechul love love love! 😀 that smile @ 2:09…fleeting but priceless…haha
Dang! cameraman not getting hyuk in good view @2:10-14…extreme fail! that would have been somewhat epic.

Bonamana Perf

Donghae’s magic revealed! yay!
Yesung tying his shoe lace @ 3:30 LOL! so cute and innocent. He’s turned really handsome/attractive/mature now if I may commend.
I’m still amazed that Kyu gets to sing and dance a lot more than the others…

I love the overhead shots where the smooth transitions are seen b^__^d

[May 16, 2010] 3rd Comeback Stage @ Inkigayo

Boom Boom (Bad Girl) Perf

Donghae is hottest here…esp@ 0:55-0:58
Hyuk…is simply….SMEEEEXYYY!!!omg, he’s sooo hot @2:34 I just died…omfg…how’d he get that sexy?! @2:38 *faints big time*
shindong’s shirt is just too cute for a strong song. LOL. shindongie ❤ ^^

Bonamana Perf

THE BLUE-RIDING HOOD is REVEALED!!! rofl. kidding. Heechul-sshi, what are you wearing? haha…i still love you, boy 🙂
Donghae mastering time management in doing his magic trick ^_^d
LEETEUK@2:39!!!!!!!!wahahahaaha!!!!!!Hot, but not quite…i’m sorry if i’m mean…it was kinda spazz-moment at the same time embarrassing-moment at the same time LOL-moment
Kyu doing (yet again) a knee-slide @ 3:10…heeheehee….
Hyuk hotness @3:24
3:25-38 <333

more close-up shots. 10 hot, good-looking, well-dressed people. that sexy leader’s exposed skin…
though the camera shots are sometimes making me dizzy, this is actually the most powerful perf (of bonamana) so far.
I really love Inki perfs! It just looks so grand and HD-ish….SJ is now in the zone and I am extremely loving their performances now!


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