MV Collection VI [Arashi, KAT-TUN,Taeyang, Super Junior]

MV Downloads in this post:

Arashi – To Be Free
KAT-TUN – No More Pain
Taeyang – I Need A Girl
Super Junior – NO OTHER

Arashi – To Be Free PV



Simple and Clean. that’s what this is. I suddenly missed Arashi <3. Aiba-chan, did you get skinny? I love arashi all the way 🙂

MOOD: relaxing

KAT-TUN – No More Pain PV


DOWNLOAD (DVD-rip) [HotFile]

OMG. Dark! KAT-TUN really excited me in this song and PV. the concept is Dark and Evil and it turned out really cool!
When their faces were masked and the petite one was focused, i was like “that’s Ueda!for sure…” haha…love…
Are the stylists biased with putting more effort in styling Kame? or is it that he is just so gorgeous in anything they do to him? (i guess it’s the latter xD) I LOVE THAT EYE MAKE-UP!!! Kame Kame ❤

MOOD: dark & cool

Taeyang – I Need A Girl MV (feat. Dara & GD)


DOWNLOAD (sub:eng/romaji/hangul)

Dara is so beautiful! O.O and doesn’t the song fit her? “looks young even if she’s really old”…she’s so beautiful but i still hate her for this. YB (if you don’t know xD) is MINE!!!! *so so so jealous*
I’m not downloading this myself ’cause it just makes me mad. but if you want to…it’s all yours 🙂

MOOD: frustrated, jealous, aggravated xD

Super Junior – No Other



OMOOOOOO!!!!i am sooo happyyyy all throughout 🙂 🙂 🙂 SJ love!!
this is so cute!! i wanted to highlight cute parts but wth…all parts are cute!! i was really really happy when i watched’s so light and just…L-O-V-E!
teukie (i love his style here :)), sungminnie, shindong…cutest!!
hyukie, donghae-ah…love me!
siwon, kyu, yesung…so sweet!
wookie…he only cleaned a car…was there a girl?xD love the hairography in choreo 😀

0:56 haha shindong face in background (~mazagurl01 @YT)
1:48 sungminie!!!!haha…cute!!
1:58 & 2:07 awwww…i love the guys being so candid at the back…^^

MOOD: happy, in love, love love love ❤

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  1. #1 by Capodimonte on July 19, 2010 - 4:39 pm

    Very nice, thanks.

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