2AM’s Jo Kwon Lifts 80kg Weights

2AM Jo Kwon may seem to have a slim figure but this 55kg (121 lbs.) guy sure can lift more than one could imagine. a short video clip showing him lifting heavy weights upto 80kg (approx. 176lbs.) easily became a hot topic amongst netizens these past few days.

check it out…

Netizens have commented:

“I think it’s amazing that 55kg Jo Kwon could easily lift up 80kg weights. Only people who’ve tried carrying those weights would understand how difficult it is”

“Being 67kg, I even struggle with trying to lift 40kg weights. Jo Kwon has been vigorously working out for all this time”

“I can’t believe it”

A representative from JYP Entertainment revealed:

“Although Jo Kwon may look weak and skinny in figure, he has a lot of muscles”

“He has been working out for a couple of years now. Despite his packed schedule, he always squeezes in 1~2 hours to work out”

“Jo Kwon’s trainer filmed the clip”

SOURCE: allkpop
shared by: parkminnie.wordpress.com

although i can’t be too sure if that truly weighs 80kg (i can’t fully believe and can’t fully not believe), netizens find it amazing so i guess it is working out for jo kwon 🙂 i love this guy, really.



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