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hello! my cyber name is "taiga".  i'm an otaku and a JROCKER and a music lover & especially I REALLY LOVE JAPAN! 
but see i can express the creativity in my mind during literatures. I imagine and make my own stories.. 
writing is not really my hobby BUT SKETCHING IS, but they said: 

"before you could sketch your heart out, there must be a hidden story about it. that really will show the beauty of that artwork." :D

stories are also link in MUSIC that's why all the stories a could make (although i'm a starter at this) is really inspired 
by music and such of experiences in life..  


Suzuki Taiga is her name and she’s pursuing this newly-found passion of creating original works of romance stories. I’m sure you will enjoy stories and if you are an expert already she will probably appreciate some constructive comments about her works as she is just humbly starting on this venture 🙂 Let’s check her out as she becomes awesome-r through time 😀

To check out her profile Click HERE

To check out her profile Click HERE

To check out her profile Click HERE

Here are some of her works 😀


Chizuru Dampierre is a 15 year old highschool composing student at Down Beat high who does not care about love and just addicted to music.
One day.. on her way home she gets into trouble and was saved by a boy but in return for saving her he wants money?! read more…


A short story of three friends who works onto their lovelife.. with Rei Amano, Kyouya Ibuki and Chiyu Ishihara read more…


Note: Stories may include the use of Filipino language 


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