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Aragaki Yui And Nishikido Ryo Collaborates For “Zenkai Girl”

Aragaki Yui will have her first starring role in Fuji TV’s new drama series alongside NEWS and Kanjani8 member Nishikido Ryo; a lighthearted comedy romance currently titled “Zenkai Girl” (“Full On Girl”).

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Tohoshinki’s Micky Yuchun to Star In “Beautiful Love -Kimi ga ireba-“; Xiah Junsu to Sing the OST

The new dorama “Beautiful Love- Kimi ga ireba-” of Tohoshinki’s YUCHUN will be distributed via online distribution on the site of BeeTV. It is the first time for the young artist to star in the main role of a Japanese dorama and on top of that, Tohoshinki member JUNSU will provide the theme song for the series – however, under the name of XIAH junsu, who will release his solo debut single on May 26th.

“Beautiful Love – Kimi ga ireba -” is the story about “Yonsu” – the son of a Korean Saibatsu Family and “Hinata” – an ambitious magazine author, yearning to become a novelist, in a touching Cinderella-Story.

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Erika Sawajiri To Be Divorced?

Sawajiri Erika (24, photo left) is rumored to be on the verge of divorce, it was reported yesterday. Last night’s edition of the Fuji TV show “Mr. Sunday” carried the story as its top news. A reporter confronted Sawajiri outside her Tokyo home yesterday evening and asked about the rumor, to which she replied only, “Sorry, I can’t say anything now. Try again in a few days.”

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Yui Aragaki in New York for movie “Hanamizuki” [6pics]

Actress Aragaki Yui (21) is currently in New York to film for her new movie “Hanamizuki”. In March she and costar Ikuta Toma (25) went to Hokkaido and finished all the domestic scenes for the movie. Now Gakky had to fly overseas by herself to film a couple more scenes in North America, but instead of feeling lonely she showed complete devotion.

The movie is based on Hitoto You’s famous song “Hanamizuki” and filming already started back in September. Hanamizuki tells the story of a couple that has been in love with each other for more than 10 years despite all their discrepancies. It’s a love story made by the team that already made movies such as “Koizora” and “Nada Soso”. Aragaki plays the protagonist Sae who starts out as an ordinary high school girl and ends up being a successful career woman working overseas. She is going to transform from a young girl to an adult woman.

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Alice Nine to Release New Single and Tour!!; Gackt Moves to Avex

Alice Nine has just finished their last tour, but they are going on another. Plus, they have announced that they will release a new single.

New single will be released on August 4th. It seems like they will play it during the tour.

They will be going on tour and planning to visit almost all places in Japan.

First day of tour, they will play at O-EAST on July 5th, it will be limited to fan club “club ALICE” members. Final date will be a while after October 17th, Zepp Sendai. It will be held at Nipon Budokan which every musicians longs to perform at.

It will be 7 years since they formed as a band in January 2011.They would welcome everyone from the world to see their performance as a compilation of all band activities and also a steppingstone for the next level.
Alice Nine Live Tour 10 “FLASH LIGHT from the past”

Singer Gackt has announced that he has just signed with Avex. His first single under that label is scheduled for June 16, though details are still unknown.

Starting on June 10, Gackt will be doing a nationwide Zepp tour as the band YELLOW FRIED CHICKENs. The tour will run until August 20, with a total of 24 concerts scheduled.

In addition, Sankei Sports reports that he is planning to do his first Europe tour this summer, though nothing has been finalized yet.

Source:; tokyograph; jpopasia


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Ikuta Toma is Ssoooo Smexy for AnAn Magazine [12pics]

Sexy? I tell you…pics from AnAn magazine this april 2010 issue are way sexier!

there won’t be any talks yet. I know you won’t read them because you’ll be busy for the next couple of minutes spazzing over this guy.


Ikuta Toma for AnAn Mag entitled “The Complete Sex Manual”


this is just a preview and none like the HQ scans from the mag. all that after the cut.


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Arashi Dominates ORICON Year 2009 Charts!

Yearly Album Ranking (2009)

1 All the BEST! 1999-2009
Artist: Arashi
Publisher: J Storm
Release Date: 2009 August 19
Number of Sales: 1,432,781

2. Mr. Children – SUPERMARKET FANTASY = 1,251,148
3. GReeeeN – Shio, Koshou = 1,000,127
4. EXILE – Aisubeki Mirai e = 897,095

Yearly Singles Ranking (2009)

1 Believe/Kumorinochi, kaisei
Artist: Arashi/Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno
Publisher: Johnny’s Ent.
Release Date: 2009 March 04
Number of Sales: 656,676

2. Arashi – Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~ = 620,557
3. Arashi – My Girl = 513,186
4. Akimoto Junko – Ai no Mama de = 489,138
5. Arashi – Everything = 423,004

for full list  click HERE



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KAT-TUN Kamenashi Talks About Backstage of Best Artist 2009

‘Best Artist 2009’, a gorgeous singing program summarizing the most active artists of the year, was aired a few days ago. KAT-TUN and ‘Shuji and Akira/修二と彰’ performed in the program and it seemed some secret episodes happened…


‘I attended Best Artist 2009 a few days ago! Shuji-kun (referring to himself as Shuji in drama series “Nobuta wo Produce”) sang a song! When Akira-kun (Yamapi in Nobuta…) and I mistaken the timing of the turn, and got ready to end the song, ♪music began again ♪the music started (tears). We are good amigo (friends) but sorry!!!’

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