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KAT-TUN Endorses Suzuki Solio

Once again KAT-TUN teamed up with Suzuki to promote the car “Solio”. After using “Ultimate Wheels” for the CM last December, the new song being used this time’s called “Run For You”.

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KAT-TUN’s Going! [MV+Lyrics]

lyrics after cut

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KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi Threw “Hit By Pitch” On NPB; KAT-TUN to Release New Single!

KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenashi was selected to throw the ceremonial first pitch of Nippon Professional Baseball.
The opening match was between Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, and was held in Miyagi. Kamenashi, who showed his talented baseball skill in Johnny’s sports meeting, was about to throw a wonderful first pitch against the batter Takeshi Yamazaki. However, it turned out to be a hit by pitch. And Yamazaki who was leaning back suddenly flopped on his back. He lied on the ground with a smile, threw away his bat, and had lime stuck on his back. Later, he bended his arm on Kamenashi’s shoulder and laughed together. Maybe it was a little regret for Kamenashi as well.

Meanwhile, KAT-TUN is going to release a new single “Going!” on May 12. Title song “Going!” is also used as the theme song of “Going! Sports&News”, a TV program where Kamenashi working as a baseball special newscaster. All three editions, including limited edition1, limited edition2 and normal edition will be released. In the limited edition 1, a DVD with video clip & footage of “Going!” is attached. In the limited edition 2, two solo songs of Kouki Tanaka and Yuichi Nakamaru respectively, are included as the 2 A-side tracks. And in the normal edition, the 2-A-side track “FALL DOWN” can be found.


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Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN) Random Beatbox Cuts

I love this guy. He is Amazing!

Nakamaru’s beat box KAT TUN QoP Live


This is one my best among all the videos i watched stalking him. =))

Maru – “the king of human beat box”


A collective video. The first is Violin with Hiromi Goto (plays Canon). Then piano with Ishigaki Daisuke of FIVE. With Koki. Then both Hiromi and Ishigaki. Love the last part! And the way he makes the sound of a car. So effin’  realistic

Cartoon KAT-TUN: Ep. 56: Masi Oka & Nakamaru Yuichi Beatbox


This is awesome! The guest Masi Oka is awesome. I read that “His IQ was 180 when he was a kid, he beatboxes, he acts, he impersonates, he speaks 3 different languages, etc. etc.” like wow!

Maru saying “YATTA!” at 0:25 is cutely funny. LOL

Maru.koki.rag fair Beat box


Love this as well. The fact that it is on-the-spot. The three of them at the end just sounded so good…

SUGOI ne? he’s not the best but he is still awesome ^^

Stalking Nakamaru-san paused for now. I have to sleep. Goodnight!^^

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Akanishi Jin to Star in Movie ‘Bandage’ and to Release Solo CD ‘Lands’

The movie “BANDAGE,” directed by Takeshi Kobayashi and starring KAT-TUN’s Jin Akanishi, has been scheduled for release on January 16, 2010. But before the end of this year, Akanishi will make his solo CD debut under the name LANDS, the fictional band that appears in the film.

“BANDAGE” has been in the works since 2008. The movie depicts the friendship of the four bandmates of LANDS as they aim for success. Akanishi plays the band’s leader and vocalist Natsu.

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KAT-TUN’s Concert @ Tokyo Dome May Qualify For Guinness

Popular Japanese group KAT-TUN who’s had an 8-day concert @ Tokyo Dome this May 15-22 may qualify for Guinness.

On Friday, popular boy band KAT-TUN completed their record-setting run of eight consecutive days of concerts at the Tokyo Dome. With a full house of about 55,000 fans at each show, a total of roughly 440,000 people attended the concerts.

Last year, KAT-TUN performed four consecutive days at the Dome. At the time, it tied for the record with British rocker Sting, who also did a four-day stretch there in 1988. However, KAT-TUN’s recent concerts have now doubled that record.

Their management agency, Johnny’s Jimusho, is hoping to have this achievement officially recognized as a Guinness World Record under “most consecutive concerts at a venue with a capacity of 50,000.” It appears that someone affiliated with Guinness happened to be at the Tokyo Dome, so the agency has requested verification of the record.

With the success of these concerts, KAT-TUN has scheduled many more to extend their tour. They had originally planned for these 8 shows to be followed by 3 at Osaka Dome on May 29-31 and 2 more at Tokyo Dome on June 14-15. They have now added 17 more shows in 6 other cities, starting in July.

SOURCE: tokyograph
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KAT-TUN’s Break the Records -by you & for you- preview


Continuing on their impressive Oricon streak, KAT-TUN introduce their latest full-length album. It features all their most recent No. 1 singles including Don’t U Ever Stop, the album version of White X’mas, One Drop, and their brand new hit Rescue. With world-class musicians and songwriters on board to insure a high-quality release, the new album features 15 tracks including six songs revealing the personalities of the band members.

Title: Break the Records -by you & for you-
Tracklist: (with Solos writing , music & arrangement credits)
Release Date: April 29, 2009

6. WHITE WORLD (Nakamaru Yuichi)
Lyrics*Music*Arrangement:KATSUHIKO SUGIYAMA
7. care (Akanishi Jin)

8. 1582 (Kamenashi Kazuya)
9. PIERROT (Tanaka Koki)
Lyrics: Joker Music: Atsushi / Joker Arrangement: Atsushi
10. Hana no Mau Machi (Ueda Tatsuya) (The town of dancing flowers)
11. WIND (Taguchi Junnosuke)

12. Kimi michi (Your road)
13. Shunkashuutou (The Four Seasons)
14. White X’mas (Album Version)
16. MOON (Bonus Track)

SOURCE: jpopasia
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Akanishi Jin of KAT-TUN thinks tvxq is cool @.@ [re-post]

I’m deleting my 2nd multiply account because I can’t maintain it anymore T_T and I decided to put my fave blog entries here…hehe

KAT-TUN’s Akanishi Jin’s article in Myojo Magazine where he mentioned Tohoshinki.

Q: カラオケのシメの一曲、なににする?

A: 決まってない。 そんなときによって違う。リンキン・パークとか。 ねね、そういえば東方神起って知ってる? 俺、最近知ったんだけど。 日本語で歌ってるんだよね。すごくね? すごいよね。”

Q: When you go karaoke-ing, what song do you usually sing?

Akanishi Jin: I can’t really decide. It really depends on the time, sometimes its Linkin Park or some others. Hey, have you heard of Tohoshinki? I only got to know them recently. But I heard they actually sing in Japanese ne. It’s really cool, right? Totally cool.

Source: mihsayam@LJ

OMOO!!So cool ne?^_^

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