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BoA to Debut in a Hollywood Movie

BoA (24yrs) will be debuting in Hollywood soon in a dancing movie that is, to be directed by Duane Adler whom discovered her while she was performing in LA. He is known for directing movies such as “Step Up” and “Save The Last Dance.”

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BoA to Release Winter Single “まもりたい White Wishes”

According to BoA‘s announcement on a surprise appearance on the Japanese Game Show, news of a new winter single titled “まもりたい White Wishes” has been stated by BoA. Following other hit winter singles such as Merry Chri and Winter Love, White Wishes raises much anticipation for eager fans for its December release. The ringtone for the song will be released a bit earlier in late October. It is also said to become the theme song of the popular RPG Video game “Tales of Graces”.

BoA’s latest single ‘BUMP BUMP feat. VERBAL(m-flo)’ will be released on October 28, 2009. The included DVD will contain a music video with never before seen dance skills which will surely blow your mind!

News on BoA’s X-mas Live have also been released. Here is the schedule for the live tour!

12/4(Friday) Tokyo International Forum Hall – 17:30/18:30
12/5(Saturday) Tokyo International Forum Hall 16:00/17:00
12/8(Tuesday) Osaka International Meeting Hall 17:45/18:30

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BoA Cuts Her Hair Short! O.O

BoA had cut her hair short for her upcoming 28th Japanese single, BUMP BUMP!.

BoA appeared at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 recently to show off her new hairstyle. BoA was at the show because she had been picked to sing the main theme song for a famous Japanese RPG game, Tales of Graces.

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Well, it’s really no big deal. BoA still looks good ^^.


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Badmouthing BoA Isn’t Such A Good Idea *tsk tsk*


It seems another Jessica H.O has surfaced. For those of you unfamiliar with Jessica H.O, she made the grave mistake of bad mouthing BoA during her debut years via myspace. Definitely not a smart move, it pretty much killed her career.

Anyway, Indie Korean-American singer Christina Chung recently tweeted:


Many fans became angry over this. It seems this has caught her attention and she has responded by apologizing on her twitter with this post:

“to all the boa fans, my apologies. my statement was rude and hasty. she is a very talented and successful artist that i do respect.

Wow! Even if it wasn’t BoA (one of the artists who i love) I think that was rude but apology accepted ^^ Definitely not a reason to hate this Christina Chung.

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BoA Collaborates With Akon

boA Akon collab

It has been made known that Korea’s sweetheart BoA is working hand in hand with world-renowned popstar Akon on a track off his Japanese album titled “Freedom+2”.

Akon’s upcoming album “Freedom+2” will consist of the 13 tracks off his 3rd album “Freedom” which was released in the states on November 2008, but will have an additional track, a remixed version of “Beautiful” featuring BoA.

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BoA Likely To Have US Concert Tour In June

South Korea’s top pop star BoA has unveiled a plan to make a concert tour of the United States in June.

In a recent interview with MTV Iggy in the U.S., BoA has selected Miami as her favorite destination for concerts.

BoA was quoted as saying, “I like New York but I really want to go to Miami. Miami looked nice in the movie, like a paradise.”

In mid-March, BoA released her first U.S. album amid high expectations that she will be able to reenact her success story in Japan in the world’s largest album market.

The album contains 11 songs including flagship song “I Did It For Love,” and dance tracks “Energetic,” “Eat You Up,” and “Look Who’s Talking.” The flagship song was written by Sean Garrett, the famous American producer, and its video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who has made promos for Britney Spears, Chris Brown and Eminem and won the Best Video of the Year and Best Direction in the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.

BoA’s album ranked 127th in the Billboard 200 Album Charts announced on March 26. It was the first time that a Korean singer had entered the Billboard chart.

SOURCE: jpopasia

BoA Fighting!!<333


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