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Lee Hyori Acknowledges Plagiarism In Her 4th Album ‘H-Logic’

Singer Lee Hyori acknowledges that there has been plagiarism in her latest album.

Lee Hyori recently had many fans wondering why she will not be promoting the followup song for her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ after the title song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. She wrote on her fancafe on 20th June, “We would like to reveal that the original composer of the songs to my 4th album is not Bahnus.”

The songs in questions are namely ‘Swing’, ‘Bring It Back’, ‘I’m Back’, ‘How Did We Get’, ‘Feel The Same’ and ‘Memory’. Hyori added, ” We will do what we have to and put that behind us, we will take moral responsibility.”

With that, Lee Hyori had ended her 4th album promotions in just 2 months without a followup hit.

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Download Lee Hyori H-Logic [4th Album]

Vo.4 H-Logic
Lee Hyori

Release Date: 2010-04-14
Language: Korean
Publisher: Mnet Media

1. I’m Back
2. Love Sign -Feat by 상추(마이티마우스)
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Feat by Ceejay of Freshboyz
4. Feel The Same
5. Bring It Back -Feat by 베카(애프터스쿨), 전지윤(포미닛)
6. Highlight -Feat by Bizzy
7. 그네 -Feat by 개리(리쌍)
8. Scandal
9. 100 Percent
10. Want Me Back
11. How Did We Get -Duet by 대성(빅뱅)
12. So cold
13. Get 2 Know -Feat by Double K
14. MEMORY -Feat by Bizzy

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Lee Hyori’s Swing MV is Mysterious…[w/ lyrics]

i think this was released on the last day of March 2010. wth. okay, i admit it…i am always late in fandom world. but right now i am in the mood at the same time i have the time to do this so let’s do this. haha.

this MV of the queen (yes, she is queen for me 😀 ), is mysterious, ain’t it? i mean, it’s actually kinda creepy as well. but the music…i like. it sounds old and really ballad-ish.  it’s different and it will affect you…making you think/wonder for the nest couple of minutes after seeing it.

MV and Lyrics after cut =)

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