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Super Junior KangIn, “I only sing 11 secs to the song ‘Sorry Sorry’”


Super Junior KangIn was on KBS ‘Game Show’ as the leader to Kang Team. He has to lead a team to play a game where players are blindfolded, and had to jump but also avoid a fly swatter after exactly 10 seconds. And he has, “I have confidence to do that well”

He then added, “Of the 13 members singing Super Junior’s song ‘Sorry Sorry’, I just have 11 seconds of time to sing. I think I can do an accurate jump.”

And SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon and 2AM Im Seul Ong who were present shared his pain as part of an idol group. Seul Ong revealed that he also have 10 seconds worth of time to sing for 2AM’s 2nd album’s ‘A Friend’s Confession’.

This episode of game show will air on 3rd May at 10.50am.


Oh the perks of being a member of a large group! tsk tsk tsk….
kangin fighting!!!

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Kangin Says Goodbye to Chin Chin Radio

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Super Junior member Kangin last dance as DJ occurred on April 19th’s MBC Chin Chin Radio. He bid farewell to his beloved show, listeners and SNSD member / radio partner in crime, Tae Yeon. Kangin was in tears as he read his farewell speech.

Kangin expressed, “I might not have lived for a very long time, but it seems like I have spent a large portion of my life here inside this studio. I have gained a lot and also lost a lot. I have also experienced a lot of meaningful moments while I was in here.” “Radio is like a friend to me, it keeps me going (on), gives me love and happiness. Need I say anything more?”

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He continued, “Kangin was a child who didn’t know anything at the beginning. But I won a DJ award during my time here and it was a place where I became famous… the staff who have been like family to me, like my real brothers, taking care of me like I was a new-born baby. Tae Yeon who has been constantly calling me oppa and following me. To everyone who have been listening despite your busy lifestyles, I am really thankful.”

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Big Mouth Kangin

Kangin, ever since he became a member of Super Junior, has been unable to keep secrets, much to the grievance of the rest.

Due to air on the 13th, MBC’s <Come To Play> Super Junior special episode chose the member whose mouth is the most not tightly sealed, & it turned out to be Kangin & Eeteuk.

Super Junior members revealed, “the style of the two are different. For Eeteuk, he’ll usually reveal secrets to the members, but for Kangin, other than the members, on variety shows, on radio shows, to reporters etc he’ll also spill secrets, causing rumors to spread all over Korea.”

Accordingly, Kangin said, “it’s strange, all I have to do is look into someone’s eyes & I’ll feel like telling them everything about me. & if that person says I’m fragrant (?) then it’s good.” This kind of outrageous explanation elicited laughter from everyone.

Hereupon, Noh Hongchul said, “I also like to talk, but I can’t catch up with Kangin. In SBS when we were MCs for <Change>, in the waiting room if it was too quiet there would be an awkward feel, Kangin wouldn’t be able to stand it, so even if no once asked him, he would reveal some secrets. The secrets are like the mouth of a spring, they never dry up, it’s like ‘Section TV’”. With these words, the entire filming location burst into laughter.

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No matter what he’ll still be the sweet kangin of super junior…^_^


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Kangin will continue to be a DJ with Taeyeon

3jib-5Super Junior’s Kangin will continue to be a DJ with SNSD’s Taeyeon.

Starting on 13th, SNSD’s Taeyeon was supposed to be a solo DJ for MBC FM4U(91.9Mhz) “Chin Han Chin Gu”. However, there has been slight change of plans.

According to MBC staff, they said, “Taeyeon was supposed to lead ‘Chin Han Chin Gu’ by herself as a solo DJ starting on 13th, but we decided to post-pone Kangin’s resignation at Chin Chin until April 20th”.

Written by Go Jaewahn 고재완 기자
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