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Yay! Announcements! :D

Downloads page is fixed!! \:D/
Check it out HERE

Hihihi..till next time :3

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UPDATE ii [05.23.2011]

ARASHI (Click right HERE)

  • 32 single – Love Rainbow
  • 33 single – Dear Snow
  • 34 single – Hatenai Sora
  • 35 single – Lotus

2PM (Click right HERE)

  • 1st japanese single – Take Off

BEAST (Click right HERE)

  • Volume 1 – Fiction and Fact

F.T ISLAND (Click right HERE)

  • Volume 1 – Five treasure island

MBLAQ (Click right HERE)

  • 1st Japanese single – Your Luv

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UPDATE i [05.13.2011]


Here are updates as of 10: 36pm (Philippines time) of May 13, 2011

I guess Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky today 🙂

4Minute (Click HERE)

  • 2nd Japanese single – I My Me Mine
  • 3rd Japanese single – First/Dreams Come True
  • Japanese Volume 1 – Diamond
  • 4th Japanese single – Why
  • 3rd Korean Mini-album – Heart to Heart


  • 4th Mini-album – Lights Go On Again
  • 5th Mini-album – My Story

Big Bang (Click HERE)

  • GD & TOP Vol.1
  • Seungri 1st Mini-album – VVIP
  • 4th Korean Mini-album – Tonight
  • Japanese Album – BIGBANG2

C.N Blue (Click HERE)

  • Volume 1 Korean – First Step
  • First Step + 1: Thank You

F.T. Island (Click HERE)

  • 6th Japanese single – So Today
  • 7th Japanese single – Satisfaction

F(x) (Click HERE)

  • Volume 1 Korean – First Step
  • First Step + 1: Thank You

G.NA (Click HERE)

  • Volume 1 – Black & White

Jay Park (Click HERE)

  • Bestie
  • 1st Mini-album – Take A Deeper Look


  • Volume 1 – BLAQ Style

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Oh my gawd. It’s been so long since I checked this blog out. Been really really busy and then when I checked it out (after ages) just now…I got OVER A MILLION views! wow! Well, it took 2 years to achieve that amout of views but for me that’s something. This is unexpected :):):)

Thank you! Forever love kpop and jpop :Dd

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Nothing else is better than to celebrate 1st anniversary!

woot! this site is celebrating it’s first birthday T-O-D-A-Y!!

it’s been a heck of fun maintaining this site!

to th 547,500 who has been a part of this one year…thank you very much!! 🙂

Love lots guys!

Minniechun always here – by you and for you –

Always sorry for not being able to update lately. been so busy being tortured at school ^^

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4shared account update; 2 songs reported as abuse :(

that is as of February 1, 2010

Now, why am i suddenly sharingmy 4shared stats? it’s just that an email arrived this evening (of feb.1) that caught my attention. i decided to share it and put in also the stat (pic above).

Service abuse

Mon, February 1, 2010 7:08:56 PM

4shared Support <>

Add to Contacts

To: “****” <****>

// <![CDATA[// Hello,

We received a complaint that some files in your account are breaking our
terms of use and contain illegal or abusive information. These files were
moved to the ‘Abuse’ folder and access to them was disabled.

You can remove those files so they will not consume your storage space.

Thank you!

Best regards,
4shared Support Team

I hope this doesn’t continue 😦

I checked my account and discovered two songs were reported as abuse. Crazy Moon by Arashi 1,214 downloads and another Arashi song which only had 4 download counts :p but still…uploading takes a lot of time and then just to be reported easily and get disabled…*sad*


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Vacation Over. See you Guys Later.

[blech!] vacation’s over for me and i have to attend classes later (3hours from to hell). Again, I’ll have to pause from this site and understanding is much appreciated.

I’m currently working on F.T. Island then Wilber Pan. I guess it will take longer than expected.

I discovered imma have summer classes as wel. So my summer vacation would be cut down to a month instead of 2 (1st two weeks of April and last 2 weeks of May) then comes 2nd year of College days -_____-

Love vacations. Why do they have to end? T.T

Listening to Slapshock (a Filipino rock/metalcore band) *thumbs up*

Happy new year to ya’ll! See you guys later. Watch out and I’ll be back in no time 😉

Always by you and for you, Minniechun

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Happy holidays!

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas guys!

Enjoy the Holidays and always keep safe. ^^

Give love on Christmas day (and every day)

always by you and for you 


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