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i will be back!

hey guys! i just want to say that i will surely be back on december 18! :))

well, see you!

much love ~ minniechun

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If You Don’t Come Back I’ll….

There won’t be any updates until December (maybe except for news that extremely spazz me ~LOL). That’s all. Reasons? I’m watching dramas & animes, reading mangas, not to mention schoolwork…hehehe. I’ll definitely make my comeback (haha!). Please keep visiting the site (or keep accidentally visiting my site). Please watch out for that ^^ BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T COME BACK I’LL

NOBUTA - Akira super strength

hahahaha…just kidding! :))

I’ll be updating downloads…hopefully completing artists’ discography. Fighting! Comments are love. You guys are love ^^. Bye for now.

ZZZ - rain




South Korean HS boys’ Human LCD…Step Up Cheering!!

Well there is no DBSK or Super Junior in this post, though I wanted to share this…It’s so friggin’ awesome!

SOUTH KOREA : High school students cheering for their soccer teams.
The most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). they have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside.

Human LCD


Human LCD : Close Up Video


I found the second vid more awesome than the first but then again…there won’t be a second if there wasn’t a first :P.

Talk about stepping up the traditional cheering of screaming different chants for a certain team or whatever there is to cheer…or even the usual Human LCD using colored cards…this is really awesome! So much time and effort, I guess (and most probably), just to come up with a single word “human lcd style” but gosh…a complicated routine?! Even excellent cheerleaders seem to suck with these guys…lol.

*really amazed* ONION - cheer pompom(–>cute cheerleader but still sucks~rofl)

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Leadersshi Park Jaebeom Please Come Back!T.T

The press prays for whichever headline’s worst

(from FOB’s “You’re Crashing but you’re no Wave”)

~we are all witnesses~

jay gone to america

I haven’t had any post about Jae’s being gone. It hurts so much. Maybe that’s why I don’t update on 2pm recently. I miss him. Just for a thing of the past Netizens pushed him to do such terrible thing as to go back to Seattle and leave our beloved 2pm T.T So what about the controversies? He’s moved on and haven’t done anything bad since then. I love this guy no matter what and I hate all those people who seek anything (esp. sanything bad) just to have somthing to babble about. Curse you!



Jaebeom I really miss you…all hottests do…please come back!

2PM is not without one member missing

Esp. Jae who is much loved T_T



Mediafire is Down for a while

hello! Mediafire is under going maintenance and while most downloads are uploaded on MF let us please be patient and wait for the site to go up and running once more ^^

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just want to tell everyone that i’ll be uploading Kim Jeong Hoon’s 1st mini-album, f(x)’s LA cha TA single, Big Bang’s ASIA BEST, Arashi’s Everything Single and their 7th album Time, and i’ll be filling up NEWS discography (it’s sad that it’s rated low just because it has basically nothing…i mean okay it’s my fault but hey, i have other things to do and i can’t fill up everything…

i’ll be updating lyrics as well on the recently released songs (f(x) la cha ta, muzik, kim jeong hoon’s, etc.) and for gd’s album ^^

the oricon page will be abandoned. i don’t know if i can/would still revive it.

maybe tomorrow. good night everyone ^^

I’ve been pondering on revealing me. I mean breaking the barrier that hides me behind MinnieChun. Although I am scared of what the people i know may think if they knew that I am Minniechun…What do you think? T__T

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A New Theme

Hey guys, I selected a new theme for the site…

is this better than the previous or not?

I just think it kinda gets boring if its the same appearance 😛

do tell me what you think ^^

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Something Different

I’ll be posting a download link for G-Dragon’s ‘Heartbreaker‘ album and SNSD’s 2nd mini-album ‘Genie (Tell me Your Wish)‘ later this day. Please watch out for that.

In the meantime, I’ll share this awesome video…a parody of (not a Korean band or group ;P) Beyonce’s famous ‘Single Ladies’. It’s different. And it is cool. Haha! This is entitled ‘something different’ obviously because what i share is not Korean or Japanese in nature. Haha.

Nic Billington – Single Ladies (Beyoncé Parody)



I was kinda feeling guilty of posting a DL link for an album which has been worked really hard on (GD’s). Please, please, please buy the album if you can.

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