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8Eight’s Comeback @ MNet M!Countdown 061109

Talented group 8Eight made their comeback with a performance of “Goodbye My Love,” on today’s MNet M! Countdown.

8Eight – Goodbye My Love (Comeback) (June 11th, 2009)


See MV Here


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8Eight’s Goodbye My Love MV Released!![mp3DL]

8eight – Goodbye my love (Starring: SoEun & 2AM’ Jinwoon)


The MV features Boys Over Flower star Kim So Eun, 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, and actor Jung Gyeo Woon.

DL Links After cut ;P

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8Eight Is Master In Suspense As They Release 2nd Teaser of “Goodbye My Love”

What else can say? I was really caught so badly too…I wanna watch it!!!Really do!!right now!!!
8Eight is master in suspense…I am so agitated to see the mv T___T

See the first teaser HERE in which I thought the mv is just gonna be a cutie cute one (because Jinwoon was acting really cute), but then…the 2nd teaser came out….gah!!i wanna see the whole so badly!!!


If I heard correctly, right before he gets hit by the truck, he says, “The truth is, I liked Sohee noona lot.” Then, BOOM! The truck comes and hits him, and he’s on the floor saying “I love you” with his painfully adorable smile. Between these two scenes you can see a guy and a girl doing something I can’t figure out. Did he just say SOHEE NOONA? Sohee from Wonder Girls? Is that girl in the transition Sohee? Does this have to do with the “Without A Heart MV?” Who, what, when, where, WHY? WHAT’S GOING ON??? So many questions, yet so little hints. 8eight is really good at this whole suspense thing. I’ll be on the tip of my toe until June 11th when the music video is released.


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8Eight’s New Single “Goodbye My Love” MV Teaser

8Eight has finally released the teaser to their new single “Goodbye, My Love” (잘가요 내사랑) starring 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon.

Jinwoon was sooooo cute!!!^____^


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8Eight’s Joo Hee posts for Maxim [pics]

8eight’s female crooner Joo Hee graces the cover and the pages in the May issue of Maxim Korea.

Joo Hee

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Sorry Sorry sung by 8Eight

Sorry Sorry sing by 8eight

The 8eight practiced Sorry Sorry on their own version to thanks E.L.F for cheering for them during their comeback performances at various music show

I should have cut the end when they sing “I don’t have a heart” but I just leave it there because the song is amazing!


Shared by:parkminnie@wp

Been clicking and watching related videos to 8Eight all day – LOL
I like them so much!<3333

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8Eight – Without A Heart/I Don’t Have A Heart [vid+mp3 DL]

8Eight – Without A Heart MV (english subbed)


Without A Heart feat. SoHee and Heechul [fanmade]


There are Version A,B, C, D of the Sohee + Heechul remake…basically the effects just change (i.e. black&white or Film Reel)
If you want to see them all just go to daydreamer198‘s channel ^_^

Without A Heart feat. SoHee and Jaejoong [fanmade]


daydreamer198’s remake is definitely more famous (maybe because SoheeHeechul is really famous too – Hubby Chul likes Sohee…either fake or real) and soo nicely made than Sohee+Jaejoong one but it sure is a good one too…^_^

Download mp3 Here


If you really can’t help it please credit me and comment on this page with where you reposted the download link

This is old news…
I’ve seen the Sohee+Heechul since March but when I saw 8Eight performs @ KBS Lee Hanas Peppermint Ep.20
it took me a while to remember where I heard the song “Without A Heart”…
And I figured I saw it in allkpop a month ago…

I am just loving 8Eight!!Love the song…<333

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8Eight performs @ KBS Lee Hanas Peppermint Ep.20 [mp3DL]

Now we all know that 8Eight is capable of some very powerful vocals as seen in their comeback stage, but they really outdid themselves with this one! During their performance on Lee Hana’s Peppermint recently, the trio performed several covers like Alicia Keys’ “No One”, Eminem’s “Stan” as well as their latest single, “Without A Heart.”

에이트 (8Eight) – 심장이 없어 (Don’t have a Heart) [이하나의 페퍼민트]

8Eight – Eminem Stan Cover

8Eight – Alicia Keys No One Cover

vid cr: AudHepFan@YT

Download Without a Heart mp3 Here
Download Stan Cover by 8Eight mp3 here

These guys (and girl) really caught me here!!!
THEY…ARE…SOOOOO…GOOOODD!!!I am a fan *hands down*
I remember there is someone who made a mv of Don’t Have A Heart with SoHee and Heechul in it…it was nicely done…

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