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Ouran High School Host Club to Have Live-Action Series

Popular anime series Ouran High School Host Club will be aired as a live action drama series. The drama will begin airing in July.

The romantic comedy series Ouran High School Host Club started off as a manga series that debuted in LaLa in August of 2003. An anime adaptation of the series was then aired in April of 2006, becoming a hit series. Now the series will become a live action drama series in July of 2011.

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Classic Anime Detective Conan Becomes A Live-Action Series

Shonen Sunday’s 26th issue will be announcing this Wednesday that a live-action TV adaption of the popular Detective Conan manga has been approved. The series will be premiering on YTV, NTV and their affiliates on July 7.

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One Piece Anime Sets Record TV Rating Of 13.8%

On April 11, the 446th episode of the One Piece television anime series recorded a Kantō-area television rating of 13.8% — the highest rating the series has earned since moving to its current Sunday 9:30 a.m. timeslot in Fall of 2006.

One Piece’s previous high mark in this timeslot was 13.0%, set on March 7.

While other television programs has seen their ratings steadily drop in recent years, the top three anime series (Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, and One Piece) have largely maintained or even increased their ratings. From Fall of 2006 to Spring of 2009, One Piece’s ratings largely stayed close to 10.0%. After publicity grew for the 10th One Piece film, television episode #421 earned a record post-move high rating (at the time) of 12.0% on October 11. Throughout last month, One Piece stayed at 11.9% or higher.

The 10th One Piece film, One Piece Film Strong World, earned over 4.7 billion yen (about US$50 million) at the Japanese box office since it opened last December. The 57th and latest volume of Eiichiro Oda’s original One Piece manga had a record 3-million-copy first printing, and 2.17 million copies have been sold as of April 4.

Source:, animenewsnet


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4th Movie Naruto Shippūden: The Lost Tower to be Released!!

The official websites for the Naruto anime films have relaunched with the title and date of the fourth Naruto Shippūden film (and 7th Naruto film overall). Naruto Shippūden: The Lost Tower will be released on July 31.

In this “dimension-crossing” adventure, the title ninja character Naruto will travel back in time and meet his father, the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze.

Masahiko Murata is directing as he did for the last film (Naruto Shippūden: Hi no Ishi o Tsugumono). Junki Takegami, the television series script supervisor and the writer of the three previous films, wrote the screenplay.

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“One Piece: Strong World” Earns 1 Billion In Opening Weekend!!!

YAHEY!!!!As I am a huge huge fan of One Piece, I can’t help but post this here! *so ecstatic*

The latest film in the “One Piece” franchise posted impressive opening numbers this past weekend. During the 2-day period starting on December 12, “One Piece Film: Strong World” took in ¥1.038 billion on 188 screens.

An estimated 820,000 people filled the theaters in those first two days, bringing in ¥553 million on the 12th and ¥485 million on the 13th. In comparison, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” opened this year on 844 screens and earned ¥990 million in its opening weekend. Last year’s “Gake no Ue no Ponyo” made more than ¥15 billion during its theatrical run, though it opened to ¥1.025 billion.

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Terminator to Make Cameo In Doraemon Anime

doraemonHollywood’s “invulnerable” Terminator robot character will be making a cameo in a one-hour special of the Doraemon television anime series on June 26. The anime’s title character is a time-traveling robot cat from the future, and the “dream matchup” is being described in the Japanese press as a confrontation between America and Japan’s robots.

“Doraemon 1-Jikan ‘O-26 (furo) Special’ ~Nobita o Aishita Bishōjo~” (Doraemon One-Hour O-26 (Bath) Special: The Beautiful Girl Who Loved Nobita) begins when a cute assistant robot named Rury suddenly appears before Doraemon’s hapless owner, Nobita. Rury was sent to terminate Nobita by Boss Walther, an evil future organization bent on world conquest. A humanoid T-800 robot named “Terrinanor” appears in the story’s climax as the ultimate weapon.


Who doesn’t love Doraemon??LOL I wanna watch it!!


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