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Big Bang Wins Best New Singer in 51st Japan Record Awards!

Say B-I-G to the BANG! Sugoi ne? i’m so happy!!


No subs yet, the video just came up today. Congratulations to Big Bang!

The 21st Japan Record Award was held today and Big Bang which was announced as nominee for the newcomer award (last 2nd of December) won!!I still don’t know about other results. Let’s see tomorrow for more news =D . I am so happy!

Big Bang has been up for the newcomer award just 5 months after they debuted with the song ‘My Heaven’. They are up for the newcomer awards against singers like Sakura Maya, Scandal etc.

Also, Tohoshinki is nominated for the Excellence award. Both Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang were awarded the Gold Artiste award previously on Best Hits Awards 2009 aired previously on 26th November.

**TOP and GD are fail in their hairstyles. YB looks awesome as always and so does Dae here. Seungri is a baby ^^. But whatever with their looks tonight…Big Bang hwaiting! ^^

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