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MV Collection V [Rain, SJ (Heechul), T-Ara, f(x), SJ-M, U-Kiss, G-Dragon, K.Will, 4Tomorrow]

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MV Downloads in this post:

Bi (Rain) – Kung Fu Fighting [Kung Fu Panda OST]
SJ Heechul – Chobyeol (초별) [Loving You A Thousand Times OST]
T-Ara – Apple Song
f(x) – Chu
Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow
U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni
Big Bang G-Dragon – A Boy
K.Will – Miss Miss and Miss
4Tomorrow – Ga In, Seung Yeon, HyunA, UEE stories

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If You Don’t Come Back I’ll….

There won’t be any updates until December (maybe except for news that extremely spazz me ~LOL). That’s all. Reasons? I’m watching dramas & animes, reading mangas, not to mention schoolwork…hehehe. I’ll definitely make my comeback (haha!). Please keep visiting the site (or keep accidentally visiting my site). Please watch out for that ^^ BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T COME BACK I’LL

NOBUTA - Akira super strength

hahahaha…just kidding! :))

I’ll be updating downloads…hopefully completing artists’ discography. Fighting! Comments are love. You guys are love ^^. Bye for now.

ZZZ - rain




MBLAQ Performs at Legend of Rainism Concert


After 2 very long years, Rain‘s first boy group, MBLAQ, has finally made their debut! Taking the stage before an audience of 8000 fans, MBLAQ opened Rain’s concert on the 9th for the “Legend of Rainism” tour and successfully performed 3 songs. After taking a look at these fancams from the concert, it’s safe to say these boys made Rain proud as they danced and sang their hearts out before a roaring crowd. The boys performed their title song “Oh Yes”, “Good Love” and member Jung Byung Hee had a solo performance.

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[updated] CF Couples Battle: Lee Minho+Dara vs. Rain+Goo Hye Sun


Boys over Flowers fame Lee Minho and 2NE1’s Sandara Park filmed a new CF for OB Beer’s Cass 2X alcoholic beverage.

Utilizing one of Korea’s biggest stars Lee Minho and 2NE1’s Sandara Park, the theme of the CF will be based on the way young couples “love.” Which obviously means, a love story will brew between Dara and Lee Minho!

OB Beer’s Marketing Manager stated:

“We chose top stars Lee Minho and Sandara Park as their trendy image matches perfectly with the image of our Cass beer. We’re staying in touch with the younger generation and this CF will start a new trend.”


The hot stars Rain (aka. Jung JiHoon) and Goo HyeSun had gotten together to film a commerical for a  bakery brand TuReJuRul.

Rain was next in like for the CF after Jo InSung had left for the army service. In early August he started to  film with Goo HyeSun. Despite his tough and charismatic image, through this commerical, he will show a playful and smooth image for TuReJuRul.

UPDATED! Here is the CF by Rain and Hyesun:

090901 Goo Hye Sun & Rain – Tours Les Jours New CF


WARNING! to certified fangirls of Lee Minho…you just might end up enraged especially if you haven’t watched it. This is just the 30s version and no kisses on the lips yet…but the effect to me??

[CF] Sandara & MinHo – Cass 2X Beer [30s]


Want more torture?heartbreak anyone? Watch the full mv here

Wow! Two totally different CFs but I guess what makes it worth a battle is the fact that the loved couple MinSun was broken and each were paired with a different person. The bakery CF by Bi and Hyesun is adorable ^^. The CF of Dara and Minho, well it is beer that they endorse so it can’t be cutesy right? I like Bi and Hyesun better – Rain is really so versatile and so is Hyesun. fighto! (biased bec. i got heartbroken with the other couple~ROFL)…what about you?

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World Asia 30 Hottest Artists 2009


1. TVXQ (more than 50 million votes)
2. Super Junior (more than 25 million votes)
3. Rain (more than 2 million votes)
4. Wonder Girls (more than 8 hundred thousand votes)
5. Big Bang (more than 8 hundred thousand votes)
6. SS501
7. F.T Island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10. SHINee
12. BoA
13. Epik High
14. NewS
15. Lollipop
16. Fahrenheit
17. Se7en
18. Girls’ Generation
19. Arashi
20. U-Kiss
21. Zhang Liyin
22. Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23. 2PM
24. Teppei
25. Hey! Say! JUMP
26. Battle
27. Paran
28. Kara
29. Ya-Ya-yah!
30. Jay Chou, X-JAPAN

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Rain’s Coming! Full Asia Concert Tour this August 2009!


Stormy clouds ahead for Asia as Rain / Bi is coming to a city near you for a full Asia concert tour in August. The concert tour is titled “Legend of Rainism,” and will kick off in Japan. Then he’ll go through various cities in China and Southeast Asia. A Concert in Seoul is currently under negotiations and cannot be confirmed. At the moment there isn’t any specifics in terms of date times, cities, and venues. His management company, J. Tune Entertainment just released broad information stating that this concert tour will be occurring next month.

This will be Rain’s first concert tour in more than two years, so fans across Asia will be anxiously anticipating his return. Originally, Rain’s management wanted to go to more cities however it had to be downsized due to his promotional activities for Ninja Assassin, which is scheduled to be released on November 25th. The Clouds must be brewing in a frenzy as they anticipate Rain’s return.

Wow! I just got addicted to his Rainism these past few days and then…this! Haha!

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Rain Rejects Megan Fox: “I’m Not Interested”


“Hollywood Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen” actress Megan Fox recently openly expressed her interest in Korean star Rain and also a desire to date the latter, who replied plainly to her invite, “I’m not interested.”

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Wonder Girls, Rain are Black Eyed Peas’s Favourite Kpop Artist

Famous American hip hop group, The Black Eyed Peas consisting of members,, Taboo, and Fergie were recently interviewed by a Korean News Station. When asked who their favorite Korean Star was, one of the members stated that they liked Rain and The Wonder Girls.

This isn’t the first time they recognized a Korean artist, as gave Kero One a personalized video message. It seems like a lot of American artists are interested in Korean acts these days. Hopefully, this time period will be looked back upon as the start of big things for Asian Artists in America.

Cr: SoheeFC@YT for vid; GhostWriter@allkpop
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