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Big Bang Upcoming COncerts in 2010!!!

In late January of 2010, Big Bang is planning a concert in Korea titled 2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show. In February they plan on something special for Japan as well.

2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show” will be held on January 29th, 30th and 31st of 2010 in Seoul Olympic Stadium. This concert will be all the more special for the Korean fans because Big Bang has spent a lot of time in Japan these days for their Japanese promotions. Now they are back to please their motherland fans and show them some new group and solo material.

YG Entertainment said, “Whenever it’s the end of the year or the beginning of the year, people expect a “Big Show” so we are preparing a excellent quality concert. The 2010 Big Show will have the best stage, sound and performances and beat out the 2009 Big Show.”

The tickets go on sale starting the 28th!

Meanwhile, recently Big Bang’s Official Japanese Homepage posted information stating that Big Bang will have four concerts in Japan titled, Electric Love Tour 2010. Details of the 4 concerts:

February 10th | Yokohama Arena | 6:00 – 7:00 PM | S ¥8000 (around $90) / A ¥7000 (around $80)

February 11th | Yokohama Arena | 5:00 – 6:00 PM | S ¥8000 (around $90) / A ¥7000 (around $80)

February 13th | Kobe World Kinen Hall | 5:00 – 6:00 PM | ¥8000 (around $90)

February 16th | Budokan | 6:00 – 7:00 PM | ¥8000 (around $90)

With concerts in Korea and Japan in early 2010, looks like Big Bang is going to be busy. What about an asia tour BB?How about it? Go to the Philippines! *dreams away*

credit: allkpop

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Bloody Letters (Again?!?) This Time for BB’s G-Dragon and Taeyang

Well, I can’t argue about falling in love with whomever between these two. Taec is gorgeous. These two? No words can describe them. Even “heavenly” is not enough. LOL

After that written-with-my-own-period letter, another one has resurfaced. But not anymore written using blood from a girl’s period. This one only has sprinkles of blood from a cut neck and wrist and palm. The letters were dedicated to Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang.

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YG to Have Taeyang’s Album In “Reverse Promotion”

taeyang - wedding dress

YG Entertainment explained its recent ‘reverse’ strategy for promoting Big Bang member Taeyang’s new album, saying it is aimed at prolonging the singer’s activities for his new solo album for as long as possible.

Taeyang released digital single “Where U At” from his upcoming first regular album in mid-October and will promote “Wedding Dress”, released today, till the end of the year, but neither songs are the title track for the album.

“It has become more difficult for singers to promote tracks on their album other than their title song these days with the entire record being released online and people’s listening patterns changing rapidly,” Yang Hyun-suk, founder of YG and also producer of the singer, wrote on his agency’s official website on Thursday.

“Taeyang had requested he be able to promote his album for as long as he can so that was our focus this time,” said Yang.

The producer went onto explain that his agency therefore decided to carry out “reverse promotion” — promoting songs apart from the title song first, and then unveiling the title song along with the entire album.

Taeyang was the first Big Bang member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album “HOT” in May 2008 which produced two hit singles titled “Prayer” and “Look Only at Me”.

His recent digital single “Where U At” peaked at No. 6 on Korea’s Mnet Singles Chart last month and his full-length album is set for release early next year.



Good thinking for YG. Taeyang is love ^^. So I guess we all have to wait (with the greatest anticipation). I want the album T__T

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Taeyang to Perform “Wedding Dress” on the 15th!!


Idol group Big Bang member, Taeyang released his single “Wedding Dress” on November 13th.

He has been away from the music industry for more than a year, and will be coming back to SBS Inkigayo on Sunday to perform “Wedding Dress” Live for the first time. YG Entertainment announced that Taeyang will be promoting this single until the end of the year.

The song which was co-written by YG’s main producer Teddy talks about a man who has to let go of the woman he loves to another man. Teddy has produced many other hits for YG Ent. such as, 2NE1’s “Lollipop”, “I Don’t Care” and his most recent one, “You and I” by Park Bom.

Taeyang’s fans are anxiously waiting for this performance, after he left everyone wanting more after his first and only “Where U At“ performance. However fans should be happy now that he will promote all the way until December. Taeyang will be performing this Saturday on SBS Inkigayo at 4:00pm (korean time).

Source: ibigbang/wordpress

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Taeyang’s Wedding Dress [vid&mp3DL+Lyrics]

TaeYang (태양) – Wedding Dress (웨딩드레스) Official MV


Links and Lyrics after cut ^^

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Big Bang Japan Photos [20pics]

Big Bang

daesung,Big Bang

daesung,Big Bang
^Love this pic of Dae 🙂

daesung,Big Bang

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MV Collection IV [Big Bang,BoA,SS501,FT Triple,Park Bom,4Minute]

Please click CONTINUE reading. This post is cut to minimize bandwidth.


MV Downloads in this post:

Big Bang – Let Me Hear Your Voice
BoA – White Wishes
SS501 – Love Like This
F.T. Triple – Love Letter
Park Bom – You And I
4Minute – What A Girl Wants
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After G-Dragon’s Solo Album Comes Taeyang’s Full-Length Solo Album


Big Bang TaeYang will release a full-length album for his next solo single album.

Yang HyunSeok representative of YG Entertainment said in an recent interview, “We have produced many songs for the full length album.”

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