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Kim Bum’s RC Cola CF


Gorgeous smile forever! I love kim bum here (actually everywhere). Makes me fall in love with that smile. The girl, Maja, was fine…although…KIM SO EUN forever!! lol…


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[updated] CF Couples Battle: Lee Minho+Dara vs. Rain+Goo Hye Sun


Boys over Flowers fame Lee Minho and 2NE1’s Sandara Park filmed a new CF for OB Beer’s Cass 2X alcoholic beverage.

Utilizing one of Korea’s biggest stars Lee Minho and 2NE1’s Sandara Park, the theme of the CF will be based on the way young couples “love.” Which obviously means, a love story will brew between Dara and Lee Minho!

OB Beer’s Marketing Manager stated:

“We chose top stars Lee Minho and Sandara Park as their trendy image matches perfectly with the image of our Cass beer. We’re staying in touch with the younger generation and this CF will start a new trend.”


The hot stars Rain (aka. Jung JiHoon) and Goo HyeSun had gotten together to film a commerical for a  bakery brand TuReJuRul.

Rain was next in like for the CF after Jo InSung had left for the army service. In early August he started to  film with Goo HyeSun. Despite his tough and charismatic image, through this commerical, he will show a playful and smooth image for TuReJuRul.

UPDATED! Here is the CF by Rain and Hyesun:

090901 Goo Hye Sun & Rain – Tours Les Jours New CF


WARNING! to certified fangirls of Lee Minho…you just might end up enraged especially if you haven’t watched it. This is just the 30s version and no kisses on the lips yet…but the effect to me??

[CF] Sandara & MinHo – Cass 2X Beer [30s]


Want more torture?heartbreak anyone? Watch the full mv here

Wow! Two totally different CFs but I guess what makes it worth a battle is the fact that the loved couple MinSun was broken and each were paired with a different person. The bakery CF by Bi and Hyesun is adorable ^^. The CF of Dara and Minho, well it is beer that they endorse so it can’t be cutesy right? I like Bi and Hyesun better – Rain is really so versatile and so is Hyesun. fighto! (biased bec. i got heartbroken with the other couple~ROFL)…what about you?

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2NE1 Does 11st CF


2NE1, are back to please the fans with their latest CF for 11st clothing line.

In the CF, the girls show off their interesting fashion choices while conversing with one another via their cellphones. And for those who were interested, the palm tree hair style sported by Dara makes a lovely comeback in the CF. The girls themselves have a very interesting fashion sense, as a group and individually, so their affiliation with 11st clothing is practically a match made in heaven. Check out the CF…

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2PM’s The Body Shop (Soft Hands, Kind Heart) CF Released!!

2pm the body shop (1)

the body shop (2)

Idol group 2PM‘s CF for The Body Shop‘s Soft Hands, Kind Heart campaign has finally been released. The worldwide campaign calls for the protection of children and teenagers against sex trafficking, and the boys will act as Korea’s spokespeople for the campaign. In the CF, the boys ask viewers to donate to the Soft Hands, Kind Heart fund. The CF will be aired for a month starting August 13, 2009 on Olive TV.

2PM The Body Shop Campaign


The campaign’s logo, a handprint, is supposed to represent one’s voice yelling “No!” to human rights crimes against children and teenagers. The Body Shop stated, “We would like for this campaign to produce a solution and aggressively raise society’s awareness of the crime of raping children and teenagers. We hope that many people will take interest in the campaign and participate not just because 2PM is the advertiser.”

This is so cool! I love how 2pm participates in such good cause campaigns ^^ 2pm fighto!

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TVXQ, SNSD, Super Junior Advertise Tourism In Seoul

South Korea’s Seoul Dream Series has recently launched a series of CF advertising tourism in Seoul

Super Junior in Beijing

TVXQ in Shanghai

TVXQ: Infinitely your, Seoul

TVXQ, SNSD, SJ: Infinitely yours, Seoul

Video Cr: seouldreamseries@YT

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Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye for Dynamic Kin CF [8pics]

Dynamic Kin CF


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Rain/Bi Does Cosmetic Brand “Nature Republic” For 1.5B Won[CF+3pics]



World star Rain has is now the new face of the cosmetic brand Nature Republic. His modeling contract is worth 1.5 billion won for the next two years. He’s already begun shooting CFs since April in Brisbane, Australia. The shoots are mostly of the world star barefoot in forests and under waterfalls and such.

pic under cut

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SNSD with Shin Ae Ra – Post Cereal CF


Girls’ Generation’s Soo Young, Sunny, and Seo Hyun along with actress Shin Ae Ra filmed a new CF for Post Cereal’s Cranberry Almond Granola.


A representative from Post Cereal stated that Post wants to get away from the idea that cereal is a meal only for children. He went on to say that they decided to choose Girls’ Generation as their CF models for their Cranberry Almond Granola because Girls’ Generation appeals to a wide range of people from young children to adults in their 30’s and 40’s.

090517 SNSD Post Cereal CF


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