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Xiah Junsu on Wheelchair @ Secret Code Concert

Story of JUNSU’s examination at hospital

TVXQ’s Junsu was brought to outpatient emergency last night. Because I only knew group Tohoshinki from the name not the members, I didn’t notice at all who he was during all the treatment. But another doctor told me, “He’s Tohoshinki’s member,” and I was like, “Oh! really?” in surprise.

The member (T/N: Junsu) requested to me in much hope, “The other hospital diagnosed it as sprains, but please take a test of it, just in case.”

So an X-Ray test was held. We found sprains, and didn’t see any fracture lines.

The member said from his wheelchair, “I got hurt from yesterday rehearsal,”. Thus from his story, we only suggested him to take rest as his healing treatment.

Maybe I’ll be really nosy to give comment as I don’t know much about Tohoshinki, but from his words, he seemed to be very worried about the fans. I hope you’ll be back well soon.

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Daesung’s Birthday @ Hite Cool Concert

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On April 26th, Big Bang performed in front of more than 5000 fans for the Hite Cool Concert at the Shin Chon Migliore Plaza in Seoul. This was a planned expected concert presented by the Korean beer company, Hite Brewery. What wasn’t expected was the surprise 21st birthday celebration for Daesung. They brought out a cake for Daesung in the middle of the show and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. Daesung donned a halo on top of his head and put some funny-man glasses on. TOP also showed off his new hair style for the drama IRIS.

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Big Bang to release “Show, Another Big Show”

Big Bang will release the making book ‘Show, Another Big Show’ for their ‘Big Show’ concert which took place in February this year on the 22nd.

The book talks about the behind-the-scene stories of the concert which took place over the span of 5 days – 30th January to 3rd February – during the concert which saw about 50,000 fans attending it.

The book, of over 600 pages thick, will be organized into 8 themes – ‘A Day Like A Lie’, ‘8 photos of transformation into actors’, ‘Dazzling Struggle’, ‘Wonderfu Life’, ‘Rehearsal for V.I.P’, ‘The Day of BIGSHOW’, ‘Oh My Friends!’ and ‘Stylish’.

What is special about this book is that usually stars will have concert DVD and concert special DVDs, but Big Bang chooses to release the concert special in the form of a book which brings through the thoughts and process of making the concert such a successful one.

Meanwhile, GDragon will have his solo activities in April, which TOP and SeungRi will be active in terms of acting.

Credits: Sookyeong@wp


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DBSK perform original Mirotic after so long :) [edited+vid]

dbsk mirotic

[My Daily] For the first time after the ban to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album, MIROTIC was lifted, MIROTIC was sung in its original lyrics on local stage.

Dong Bang Shin Ki on April 12th, at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium participated in “2009 Sparkling Concert in Spring Seoul”, along with Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, and SHINee. They performed the original version of MIROTIC after a long time.

MIROTIC was banned for its lyrics interpretation by Youth Protection Committe under the Health and Family Welfare department, and to perform it on broadcast media, there were couple of rules need to be followed. However, SM entertainment for TVXQ already won the lawsuit case, as court decided that MIROTIC’s lyrics didn’t contain harmful meaning being accused, thus the song can be introduced to the youth again.

Due to the court judgement, MIROTIC activity is free again on domestic stage. Wearing white suits, the five members of Dong Bang Shin Ki who had performed the modified version of MIROTIC for a long time, finally could do the original version one.

Meanwhile, as The Youth Protection Commitee is not satisfied by the result of the court and their decision that the lyrics is harmful for children remains, they’re going to appeal the case to the higher court, yet again.

090412 DBSK – “Jumun MIROTIC” Sparkling Concert


source: My Daily
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Loving Junsu’s “breaking my rules AGAIN!”
And of course…CHangmin’s scream…
Mirotic is really addictive…best tvxq song for me!!!
wish I was there at the concert!!T_T

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DBSK @ Sparkling Concert

Visit ^____^

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Tohoshinki to perform at Tokyo Dome

20090408_tvxq_572april 9

Big news for TVXQ/Tohoshinki/DBSK fans in Japan (and the world), TVXQ will soon be having 2 concerts at the famed Tokyo Dome on July 4th and July 5th!

The Tokyo Dome is a domed 55,000 seat venue and home to Japan’s most famous baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants. It’s Japan’s most famous venue and has held concerts for many of Japan’s top artistes. In addition, the Tokyo Dome has also hosted concerts for many famous foreign artists such as Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, U2, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Aerosmith, and a whole slew of others. Three American Sports Leagues: The NFL, MLB, and the NBA have also held exhibition games at the Tokyo Dome.


TVXQ has always mentioned that they would love to perform at the Tokyo Dome, and now it’s finally going to happen! However, this won’t be the first time that a Korean artist will have a concert at the Tokyo Dome. Rain/Bi held a concert at this venue in 2007 with more than 40,000 fans in attendance. Regardless, this is a great accomplishment. Congratulations to TVXQ! Many thanks to ashley333,, amy, dudette, tingabell and Hikari_Rin for the tips.

090408 Miyaneya

Tohoshinki in a wrestling ring…performing Share the World
really cute when they were doing the jumping rope – LOL
vid cr:hito0;DBxToho

SOURCE: allkpop
SHARED BY: parkminnie@wp

OMOOO!!Tokyo Dome!!Wow!So happy for them!*feels like crying*
they Really deserve it…tohoshinki fighting!<333



Leadersshi Yunho slipping at Nanjing Mirotic

Credit : TVXQ baidu + xU♥VCass@OneTVXQ + xulilac@soompi
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


Credit : TVXQ baidu + xU♥VCass@OneTVXQ + xulilac@soompi
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Yunho-ah…that must have hurt >.<
Be careful next time alrighty??He’s just so active that’s all….can’t contain his excitement??
*whispers*maybe his wifey told him something he must have really liked…LOL

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2009 TVXQ Sparkling Concert In Seoul

Dong Bang Shin Gi & Big Bang meet at the 2009 Sparkling Concert.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea National Tourism Organization, The Korea Tourism Association, Annex Telecom and G-Market, the 2009 Sparkling Concert will be held on April 11th and 12th at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

Hallyu stars Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Gi, FT Island, SG Wannabe, Shin Hye Sung, SHINee, Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon and others gather for the concert through the initial support of the government.

Tickets are available through G-Market.

Source: Ibtimes
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