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Wonder Girls is Getting Popular in the Philippines

WG’s “NOBODY” at SOP May 24, 2009


1st proof that WG is getting popular:

they danced Nobody. I never thought….kpop is finally getting into the country…
so so happy! ^_____^
kpop fighting!

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Super Junior “It’s You” Cover by Pumashock [mp3DL]

I was looking for videos of different covers for “It’s You” / Neorago of SJ and so far this is the best…I’ve been hearing about Pumashock but it’s just now that I looked into her…She’s really cool…She looked whacked on the vid…LOL that’s cute ^^

“It’s You” – SuperJunior (Pumashock’s Cover)

Find out more here: Pumashock Channel

Download mp3 Here

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Another Version of SJ’s “Sorry Sorry” this time by IU [mp3DL]

If everyone might say SNSD’s “Gee” or Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” just won’t go away because of all the too many covers done by sooo many artists (and wannabe artists) out there…then I would say that goes the same with Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”.

On May 5, 2009 fresh talent IU sung Sorry Sorry “Guitar Version” on Kiss the Radio. I kinda didn’t like the super fast singing of the chorus but as I listened again and again, it sounded pretty good. Eunteuk did a good job on the background too. Even though I checked this IU chick just bec. she sang a diff. version of “Sorry Sorry”…I must say I see some talent here ESPECIALLY when reading comments on Youtube.

090505 Kiss the Radio – Sorry Sorry (Guitar ver)


In case anyone would just wanna download this version Click Here

Other different sound of Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry include: Remake by Royal Pirates, 8Eight’s Version, and the recent Sorry Sorry Remix @Inkigayo

Credit: parkminnie@wp

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Sorry Sorry sung by 8Eight

Sorry Sorry sing by 8eight

The 8eight practiced Sorry Sorry on their own version to thanks E.L.F for cheering for them during their comeback performances at various music show

I should have cut the end when they sing “I don’t have a heart” but I just leave it there because the song is amazing!


Shared by:parkminnie@wp

Been clicking and watching related videos to 8Eight all day – LOL
I like them so much!<3333

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8Eight performs @ KBS Lee Hanas Peppermint Ep.20 [mp3DL]

Now we all know that 8Eight is capable of some very powerful vocals as seen in their comeback stage, but they really outdid themselves with this one! During their performance on Lee Hana’s Peppermint recently, the trio performed several covers like Alicia Keys’ “No One”, Eminem’s “Stan” as well as their latest single, “Without A Heart.”

에이트 (8Eight) – 심장이 없어 (Don’t have a Heart) [이하나의 페퍼민트]

8Eight – Eminem Stan Cover

8Eight – Alicia Keys No One Cover

vid cr: AudHepFan@YT

Download Without a Heart mp3 Here
Download Stan Cover by 8Eight mp3 here

These guys (and girl) really caught me here!!!
THEY…ARE…SOOOOO…GOOOODD!!!I am a fan *hands down*
I remember there is someone who made a mv of Don’t Have A Heart with SoHee and Heechul in it…it was nicely done…

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WONDER GIRLS 원더걸스 Nobody 노바디 락 (rock) by Royal Pirates 로얄P.

wonder girls nobody rock remake
ORIGINAL: Wonder Girls
REMAKE: Royal Pirates(fading from dawn)
***Download the MP3 version of the songs on purevolume.  (

cr: fadingfromdawn @ YT

GOSH! I just started to love these two guys right here…♥.♥

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DBSK/TVXQ 동방신기 Mirotic 미로틱 락 (rock) Remake by Royal Pirates 로얄P.

Mirotic Remake by Royal Pirates(fading from dawn)

ORIGINAL: Dong Bang Shin Ki
REMAKE: Royal Pirates 로얄P.
***Download the MP3 version of the songs on purevolume.  (

cr: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Honestly, they’re good!^_^

Saw this remake of Mirotic by them and decided to share it to you guys….teehee

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Super Junior Sorry Sorry Remake by Royal Pirates 로얄P.

Super Junior Sorry Sorry rock remake
ORIGINAL:  Super Junior
REMAKE: Royal Pirates (fading from dawn)
***Download the MP3 version of the songs on purevolume. (

cr: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Wow a rock Version….+.+
Pretty good huh??

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