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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.15 (III) [re-post]

I’m deleting my 2nd multiply account because I can’t maintain it anymore T_T and I decided to put my fave blog entries here…hehe


김희철  2009.03.15 22:10
heechul long hair sorry2

I still haven’t gotten used to cutting my hair short..

The hair tie on the table

The hairclip that needs to be used when rinsing to be put in the bathroom

My flower hairpin to tie my hair up and push away the hair in front

I wanted to take a shower, and saw my reflection on the mirror..

Hee : Heok!! Why do I look like a monkey..!!

As compared to ‘The Dressing Room’s Teacher Kang* ..

As compared to ‘Chocoboy*..

As compared to ‘Pigeon’s Choir* ’s ‘광득이 Gwang Deuki (?)’..

The chestnut head of mine which has surprised many people is more funny.. It’s even sad…

제킬**..Since I’m already like that, next week!!

Shave my headㄱㄱ



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HeeChul Cyworld entry 031009 [state from a horror movie –> re-post]

I’m deleting my 2nd multiply account because I can’t maintain it anymore T_T and I decided to put my fave blog entries here…hehe

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.10 15:30
In the 2nd ‘天’ folder..

Stare From a Horror Movie

heechul scary

In real fact..

I am smiling like a kid eating a 쮸쮸바 (Jyujyubar=some popsicle?)

but my mouth can’t be seen (-┏)

I just..

Happened to stare at people

But they said I’m too scary and ran away(-┏)


I’m a warm-hearted angel, yet people don’t even know..

I beat them all up and (became a) devilㄱㄱ

Credits; LoveChul, pearlred
Original Source; 김희철 미니홈피

translations: ilovejr

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“heechul just can’t keep his mouth out of other boys??” RE-POST

cr: De La Methode in K-Pop (gif)
Super Junior’s Kim Heechul was seen kissing Jungmo of Trax at the Super Junior concert. This was when Heechul was performing the song “Crazy”. I was really shocked when I saw this and kept going like…“What the…”…”Heenim what did you just do?”. Then, my friends saw it too and went saying “Is he gay?” or “He’s disgusting!”. Only one of them would say it’s okay for her. Then the shocked passed. like i totally forgot about it and it was okay for me.

UNTIL…. *total heartbreak*

cr: johnnydorama in K-Pop (pic)
This is where I totally broke down. Like I would never be able to take it. I kept on saying “ah!what am i to do?I think my love for him is starting to crumble down.” Seriously. I really do like Kim Heechul. I can still accept the first one as a fanservice for his Undead and the elfs at the concert. but a kiss with Sungmin??? I mean Sungmin who looked so innocent and is a baby to me…WTF…

After this I was quite sure it will come out as a big issue everywhere…

Then I saw one of his cyworld entries about this….check it out…it can’t be taken out…so i’ll just add the link…^_^


I don’t know what happened to me. but after I read this I started loving him again…:))

Kim Heechul fighting!!!

This is a re-posted blog entry (from months and months ago…-_-)

When I read it again it’s sort of FUNNY and RIDICULOUS…right? How could I overact so badly about it? -_-

Well, that’s me…really extreme emotions – LOL


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