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Daesung’s Birthday @ Hite Cool Concert

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On April 26th, Big Bang performed in front of more than 5000 fans for the Hite Cool Concert at the Shin Chon Migliore Plaza in Seoul. This was a planned expected concert presented by the Korean beer company, Hite Brewery. What wasn’t expected was the surprise 21st birthday celebration for Daesung. They brought out a cake for Daesung in the middle of the show and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. Daesung donned a halo on top of his head and put some funny-man glasses on. TOP also showed off his new hair style for the drama IRIS.

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Big Bangs’s Daesung’s Birthday present from fans

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Big Bang’s/Daesung’s fans put an announcement in the daily paper on the 24th for his 21st birthday.

Although his birthday is on the 26th, they put it out two days early because it is on a Sunday. The message read “To Daesung, who stood on stage shining brightly when our hearts were dyed with the color of falling petals, we congratulate you on your 21st birthday. Although 21 is still a young age, we pray that you will slowly take steps to find, change, and grow into who you want to be…” The fans also used a picture of Daesung smiling brightly and added a line in the middle saying, “We give infinite thanks to the parents who gave birth to Daesung!

After finishing group activities with their concert, Daesung has continued to film Family Outing

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Daesung-ah happy birthday!!<3333
^____^ love this guy!


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Daesung endorses Big Hit Chicken [mp3DL]

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Big Bang’s Daesung is hitting it big because of his popularity on “Family Outing.” Because of this, Korea’s Big Hit Chicken (similar to KFC in America) has asked Daesung to endorse their chicken. Today, his first CF for Big Hit Chicken was released and it’s pretty funny. He comes out in a suit in front of screaming fans, singing about chicken in his signature Trot style.

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Daesung- BHC CF [30s]


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Daesung-ah soooo cute!!!
To those who don’t know him…you’ll think he’s kinda ugly… 🙂
But try watching just an episode of FAMILY OUTING and you’ll start to see how adorkably cute and funny he is…
Daesung-ah fighting!!!<3333

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We Shall Spread the Love


What is this all about? Discover here 🙂

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