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2NE1’s Last Perf of “Fire” on Inkigayo Is Simply the HOTTEST!!

2NE1 also ended their red hot run with their single ‘Fire’ on SBS Inkigayo on the 28th. Many 2NE1 fans are saying that the Inkigayo performance of ‘Fire’ was their best yet.

2NE1 – Fire(Jun 28, 2009)


I didn’t know this >_< (so out of date)…

Oh my freaking God! They have never been so HOT!! This is it!! The last and best one…*Salutes 2NE1*

Love Minji’s split, CL on the floor (so sexy!!), Dara’s part (the one with the 8 hands…), love their outfits, they are just so lovely ^^

2NE1 is awesome!!

2NE1’s third single ‘I Don’t Care’ is only a couple of days away from being released on July 1st and their mini-album, yet to be named, will be released a week after ‘I Don’t Care’ on the 8th of July.


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Super Junior Wins #1 Popular Song @Inkigayo 060709


AYE!!Super Junior did it again! They won #1 Popular Song in SBS Inkigayo for their current Single “It’s You/Neorago”. This was last June 7, 2009. It’s late though I haven’t shared it and wanted to share it ^^. Doesn’t mean everything here have to be latest, right?

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2NE1’s Performance At Inkigayo 060709

090607 2NE1: FIRE Performance


Watched this yesternight and stumbled upon again today…

Maknae Minji slipped at 0:14 >_<

Bom could’ve used some pants. Just to fit in to the total get-up. She’s sort of out of place.

Dara is kinda boyish (in a cool way). She’s been compared to TOP of Big Bang, right? (counterpart or something) esp. when wearing heavy eyeliner ;P

CL is so charismatic…love her!

All in all it was cool! Clothing Style was great (always has been)…Fans were the greatest!!


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2pm @ Inkigayo 05.31.09 [Perf+Win+Energy Song]


2PM won it’s third Mutizen for it’s hit “Again & Again”, earning itself a triple crown. Congrats to the boys. The group performed a special remix of “Again & Again” and revealed their own version of the Energy Song. Adding to the excitement, on the same day, 2NE1 performed “Fire” for the second time after fourteen days of waiting.

Again (& Again) 2pm were smoking hot on their perf! Shit, how come they never get boring??
I have always loved leadersshi Jae during the intro…his moves are so cool! ^^

Check it out @ 2:27…great cool dance moves!

2PM – Again & Again(May 31, 2009)

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2NE1’s 2nd Perf of Fire @ Inkigayo Is Hotter Than their 1st!!

After 14 days since their debut, 2NE1 sets SBS Inkigayo ablaze for the 2nd time with their second ever performance of their hit debut single “Fire”!

Interview before the perf:

SBS Ingikayo Interview


the perf:

2NE1 @ Inkigayo – Fire Perf (May 31, 2009)


I think it was hotter than their first perf. they’ve improved a lot. Love Minji’s dancing. They’re style is much better as well. 2NE1 is love <333 ^^


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Super Junior’s Perf of “It’s You”/Neorago @ Inkigayo is HOT! [vidDL]

Long awaited! After all the leaks and early releases Super Junior performed their 2nd Single off their 3rd album “Sorry Sorry” @ SBS Inkigayo on yesterday. And yes, after all the leaks and early releases, Kim Kibum is still missing in action. That’s really disappointing, isn’t it?


vid cr: pr13ansj@YT

Gaahhh!!!I am going crazy over Hyukieee!!! Look at it 1:33-38 or have a better look at the gif below…
Love my heenim @ 2:58-3:10

If you want to download this perf Click Here


Huykjae so hooott!!!@.@

eunhyuk its you perf

Credit to icecubes for the gif.
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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2NE1’s Most Anticipated Debut: Hot or Not? [poll+DL]

Yeah, it is the most anticipated (at least for me and 2NE1 fans) debut. Finally! On May 17th @ SBS Inkigayo, 2NE1 made their official debut. YG made sure not to disappoint with their first girl group, and thus did not pull any punches for this debut stage. The performance was 6 minutes long with an accompanying intro video that was prerecorded at SBS Centre on May 15th.

2NE1: Intro & Debut Stage


The elevator concept was cool. What else could they brilliantly think of, 2NE1 arriving at the 2NE1st floor. Dang! I watched it again&again and…dang!!The freaking intro is HOT!It’s damn hot! About the perf…I stick to my opinion (for now, i guess the more you watch the more you get hooked…lol)

It wasn’t TOO hot of a debut stage, though it is far from dissapointing as well. I guess just plain hot! (and that’s something!) will do for now…

not yet the OMFG!!!!!SOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOTTTT!!! I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF!d4s5sdag67adsfasfgldjgkasjdkfjklsdjfkjahrweoiiafhiafdsai and all the abuse a keyboard could get =_= (hey it’s their first so there will be so much more room for improvement).

Love the vocals @5:52-6:02

2NE1 fighting!!!Great job on a first live perf! definitely one of the best and one of the most anticipated! YG is really genius, sigh.

If you want to download this perf Click Here

P.S. sorry for the exageration and this is plain opinion ^^

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2pm Wins Again for “Again&Again” [Mutizen]

2pm wins Mutizen for their current single “Again&Again”. I guess the Title of the song (which is a really really good song) brings them to win again and again 😀

Following Super Junior and Son Dambi’s Triple Crown Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo in the past 3 weeks, a new winner for Take 7 was crowned today on the 10th May episode.

Step forward, 2PM who capped off a wonderful week by winning their 1st-ever mutizen award this afternoon for Again & Again. This was their 2nd award in a week following their first a few days ago on the 7th May episode of MNET M!Countdown where they edged out SG Wannabe. They also managed 2 consecutive top 3 finishes on KBS2TV Music Bank as well.

[090510] 2PM @ Inkigayo [winning Mutizen]


All seven 2PM members were really pumped up and delighted as they thanked almost everyone they knew who had helped in their promotions. Nice to see them finally getting some awards, 9 months after their debut.

Will they carry on the momentum next week? It should be interesting for some heavy hitters are making their debut/comeback including the likes of 2NE1 and Super Junior with Fire and It’s You respectively. JunJin, Chae Yeon and the project group of Davichi, SeeYa, Ji Yeon (T-ara) have also released their new works in the past week. So just look forward to next Sunday!

Credit: coolsmurf@allkpop

Shared by: parkminnie@wp


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