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Big Bang’s New Song for IRIS: Tell Me Goodbye Preview; G-Dragon’s Shine A Light DVD Released

The drama, IRIS, has been aired in the prime time slot on TBS Japan on April 21st in a special 2 hour premiere. And they have released an extended highlight reel video with the best scenes and of course with Big Bang’s new song Tell Me Goodbye playing in the background. Check it out below.

The track is Big Bang’s Japanese single that will be released in June. A final MV is expected to be released as well.


G-Dragon had turned heads by attending his Shine A Light concert’s movie premiere, and a DVD was reported to be in the works. Now, the DVD is finally completed and has been released for fans!

On the 20th, YG Entertainment had announced, “G-Dragon’s Shine A Light DVD has been released today. This DVD will have two versions, an edited version for 12 and under, and a full length version.”

This DVD will consist of the exact footage from the concert that was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in December 2009. However, this DVD will not only contain songs from his solo album, but will also contain My Age Thirteen from 2001 Korea’s Hip-Hop Flex album, and songs that he contributed to during his trainee days.


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IRIS Season 2 Coming in 2010!!

Though IRIS ended this week, it seems like the next season is coming sooner than expected.

A representative from TaeWon Entertainment that worked on IRIS said, “Starting in the first week of January 2010, we will unveil the line up.”

The representative continued,“We can’t reveal too much for now. We want to have a completely different storyline. As soon as the cast is done, we will reveal things step by step. We are keeping our eyes on top stars and we will definitely have a A-lister who is comparable with Lee Byung Hun. We will have the same characters as season 1. The second season maybe will take place 2-4 years after where the first season left off. You can get your hopes up. We also have plans to have a proper sequel 3-4 years later with Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.”

IRIS put a lot of money into keeping the show as good as it was and it all paid off because they had a regular viewer rating of at least 30%.


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