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Goo Hara Graces Elle Magazine

KARA’s Goo Hara graces the June 2011 issue of Elle Korea magazine.
See more wonderful photos after cut…

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KARA Can Glow in the Dark!

Yes, I think this is really cool. Surpassing other perfs…this is very unique. cool!

Kara – Mister(Oct 17, 2009)



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KARA’s New Single “Same Heart” released!! [mp3DL]

KARA released their new track “Same Heart”. It will be the theme song of a new game titled I-Musician. The song itself has a fun, laid-back, summer feel to it. Very uptempo ^^

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Big Bang’s GD’s Autographed Cap Sold for 600K+ KRW

g-dragon cap

While it is nothing compared to Kim Hyun Joong’s tote, an autographed cap by GDragon has been sold at 610,000 KRW at a charity sale charity love auction campaign organised by EDaily.

EDaily did the charity sales from 11th to 17th May, sold items by Korean stars like Big Bang, KARA, Yoon Eun Hye etc amongst the items sold at the auction. And of them, an autographed GDragon cap was sold at the record of 610,000 KRW on the 6th day of the charity sale.

The item was also bidded for a reord of 72 times. The officials have taken in account that most of the bidders for the auction will be students, they have set a limit to the bid price of no more than 10,000 KRW.

Other than that, KARA member Han Seung Yeon’s autographd book was also sold at 300,000 KRW at the charity sales.

All the proceeds from this sales will be contributed to help needy children. Meanwhile, the charity auction (click to enter) is still going on until 18th May at 10am.

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KARA Goodbye Stage, “Having Won #1, That Was The Most Meaningful Moment”

Group KARA had their goodbye stage on KBS Music Bank on 10th April, ending their activities of the past 4 months.

KARA leader Park GyuRi said, “This is has been a very meaningful activity to us. We had our first #1 since our debut. Although it is nothing big but we felt that we have achieved a very precious Lieder ohne Worte (song without lyrics). With this, it makes us want to continue show a KARA who will not disappoint.”

“Even though we will take this short period to rest, our activities on variety programs will still carry on. We will show a different side and charms of KARA.”

Member Goo Hara, “This doesn’t feel like a last performance to us. All this while from ‘Pretty Girl’ to ‘Honey’, we have received loads of love from fans and we can only be thankful for that. KARA will comeback, even better and prettier, with our next album.”

Youngest member Kang Ji Yeong said, “Even though it hasn’t been more than 10 months since our debut, we have come up with 3 albums. Though there are lots of sad and tiring things that we faces, we received loads of love too and we are very blessed with that.”
KARA will have their last goodbye stage on SBS Inkigayo on 12th April ending their 2nd minialbum activities.

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090330 YG·SM·JYP- The race to have own representative idol group to survive the competition

We are now in a generation when once you have one hit-song-producing idol group in your company, you will survive well in the competition in the Kpop market of this era.

Kpop big players YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, DSP Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have been up busy with their plans to stay in the competition, and they all each had their representative female/male idol group.

The first company to push a big-scale project in year 2009 is YG. They preparing to debut a female group with the help of the name of their existing group Big Bang, which debuted in 2006. Known as ‘female Big Bang‘ until recently, the group official name is set to be ‘21, To Anyone’.

21, who is set to debut in May, has come together to sing a CM song with group Big Bang. And this has produced great synergy for the debuting group. The song the 2 groups sang together ‘Lollipop’ has risen up various online music chart steadily, standing in same level as other singers like Son DamBi, Seo Taiji, Super Junior etc. Not only so, being the new YG female group in so many years, there is more anticipation for this upcoming group.

As for JYP, who created the ‘So Hot’ craze last year with its girl group WonderGirls, have no other plans to make another representative male group. Because already, they are covering both groups of fans loving ballads and dance songs with their male groups 2AM and 2PM.

Recently into their individual ativities like drama and musical, group SS501’s company DSP Entertainment is also putting its hopes on its girl group KARA who debuted in 2007 and was given the nickname of ‘the 2nd Fin.K.L‘.

And KARA was said to have live up to the name of South Korea’s representative girl group with the title song ‘Honey’ shooting up to the #1 spot on various music programs and charts from their 2nd minialbum released last December. With this, they join the league of girl groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls.

And lastly, company SM Entertainment which gave birth to many Kpop legends like H.O.T and BoA have its representative girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae dominate the first half of 2009 with the song ‘Gee’.

SM’s own representative group Dong Bang Shin Ki, already with their numerous fanbases established overseas, also said, “Whenever we turn on the TV, we see So Nyeo Shi Dae.”

One of the Kpop producers provided, “We have stepped into an era where you just need one successful singer to be safe in competition in the Kpop market. With a successful male or female group in the company, the new incoming singers get the benefit of attracting more attention to themselves and having more advertisement. And right now, this is the time when idol groups are viewed as important to hit into the market of the music fans in their teens and twenties. And that is why many companies are working hard to push their male or female idol groups.”

With this, there are news that group Jewelry’s company is also in the midst of preparation for the debut of a new male group.

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