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SJ’s Kim Kibum says “I wish to show the actor side of me, so I’m cutting activities as Singer”

I am not sure with this pic but the scan sure looks genuine. This is Super Junior’s Kim Kibum’s (who has been missing in SJ activities since the group’s comeback) message on Wawa Girl Magazine.

kibum message


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Super Junior to Attend 20th Golden Melody Awards


Before bringing their The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show II to Taipei, fans of Super Junior will be delighted to know that their idols has been confirmed for the 20th Golden Melody Awards on 27th June. This will be Super Junior’s 2nd time at the awards ceremony, having previously attended the 18th edition in 2007. It will however still be only 12 instead of 13 members of Super Junior who will be attending. Kim Heechul missed the 2007 trip because of filming commitments and this time, Kim Kibum will be the one missing because of his acting preparations.

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LG We Start CF released!

East of Eden star Lee Yun Hee led a star-studded CF for the “We Start” promotions of LG’s “Rising Star” cellular. Besides Kibum and Lee Yun Hee, the hexagon of stars included So Eun’s darling Kim Bum, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Minji, and Choi Ara. And as printed on the poster a 30s CF was released yesterday, May 2.

We Live in OZ (We Start) CF (30s)

Making of We Live in OZ (We Start) CF

Vid cr: wondersmurf@YT
SOURCE: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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Super Junior’s Kim Kibum Spotted Making LG Telecom CF

we start LG telecom

Since the launch of Sorry Sorry and the third Super Junior album, Kim Kibum has been missing out on all the action. Last we heard, he was working on his acting skills and taking some time off for himself.

Now a poster/advertisement photo floating around on the internet may shed some light on the whereabouts of the missing Kibum. The poster shows a long haired Kim Kibum dressed in bright colorful clothes and posing with actresses Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Minji, Choi Ara, and actors Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Bum from Boys Over Flowers.

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09.03.21 Heechul CY Photo Entry *sweet ^^ [re-post]

希 라 인/Hee Line

2009.03.21 22:16


(Hee) Line

(Geng) Line

(Horse) Line

Yang Pang (*) Line

The truth is when the four of us are together, Yang Pang Kim (*) talks the most

(*) Kibum’s nickname given by Chul, which means ‘aristocrat’ ^^

source: 김희철 파도타기
translated by

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Why Kibum was Gone answered by SM Ent. (finally T_T)


SM Entertainment has revealed the reason behind Kim Kibum’s absence from Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry promotions. Since beginning their promotions for Sorry Sorry, the absence of Kim Kibum during Super Junior’s performance has led to lots of speculation about it from fans. SM Entertainment expressed that as Kim Kibum was preparing himself for his future acting career so he was unable to make it for Sorry Sorry performances.

The absence of Kim Kibum during Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry performances wasn’t that obvious initially because they had so many members (13) to begin with. But with the increasing rate of performances, many fans started noticing that someone was missing and that person was Kim Kibum. On the 27th March episode of Music Bank, Lee Teuk gave a shoutout to Kibum saying, “(we) also thank Kim Kibum who is now watching (us) on tv”. This led to many fans wondering whether Kim Kibum was still part of Super Junior.

A SM Entertainment representative dismissed rumors of Kim Kibum exiting Super Junior, “Kim Kibum participated in the album recording and music video filming, so he is still a member of Super Junior. As for his absence from Super Junior’s promotions, he is taking acting classes now for his future acting career/auditions. That’s why he was absent.”

Source: allkpop

Wow…is it just me or is it kinda hard to believe?It’s sort of a lame reason, isn’t it? (There I go…while SME explained it, I don’t believe it…wth!haha)
Elfs let us all believe…alrighty?


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Super Junior (finally with Kibum)- Yamaha Motor International Show [09.03.31]

Kibum ah!!T_T Elfs missed you soooo muuuucchhh!!!

Hyuk: God!what’s taking these guys so long??I’m itching to dance!
Hae: relax…we’ll get to that. ^_^

Hyuk: Alright!!Let’s dance!! (forgetting completely about Fishie T.T – bad Hyukie]

Hae: Hmpftt!!Hyukie…you didn’t even dance beside me!I’m mad now!

  • Hae went to stand beside Hyukie but not talking…Hyuk sad that dancing was over (poor Fishie T_T)*

Hae (thoughts): You’re still not talking to me?You’ll see…I’d go to our Kibummie…[still sad Fishie 😦 ]

Hee: Kibum-ah…Fishie wants to be talk to you (Chulie hoping Kibum would refuse)
Kibum-ah: Oh!okay…I missed him too anyway…^_^ [innocent Kibum…:) ]

  • Kibum noticing Hee became sad*

Kibum-ah: Ah!Hyung…I’ll get back to you later…*smiles* (elfs dying – LOL)…You know I was gone for a while and I missed all of you…(that goes to all elf as well right Kibum-ah??)
Hee: okay…(sad tone)

[Kibum and Donghae Moment]

[Super Junior members can’t contain their emotions anymore…showing brotherly love for their Kibummie…showing how much they missed him…]
[elfs miss you too *hugs and kisses to Kibum* ^_^ so glad he is back!]

for more pics CLICK HERE
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Short story by me ^_^

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