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Super Junior to Attend 20th Golden Melody Awards


Before bringing their The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show II to Taipei, fans of Super Junior will be delighted to know that their idols has been confirmed for the 20th Golden Melody Awards on 27th June. This will be Super Junior’s 2nd time at the awards ceremony, having previously attended the 18th edition in 2007. It will however still be only 12 instead of 13 members of Super Junior who will be attending. Kim Heechul missed the 2007 trip because of filming commitments and this time, Kim Kibum will be the one missing because of his acting preparations.

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Top 5 Prettiest Male in Kpop

A recent UCC poll has encapsulated this experience. Netizens voted for “the male artist who is more beautiful than a real woman”. Here are the results:

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SBS Inkigayo Heechul playing piano for Jo SUng Mo [vid]

As reported yesterday, Kim Heechul played the piano for one of the few people he respected the most, Jo Sung Mo.

Here is the vid…

030509 SBS Inkigayo Heechul playing piano for Jo Sung Mo


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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to play the piano for Jo Sung Mo


Super Junior member HeeChul will play on the piano for senior singer Jo Sung Mo.

Kim HeeChul will be having a joint stage with singer Jo Sung Mo on SBS Inkigayo on 3rd May. HeeChul will perform the piano accompanion to one of the singers he respected the most – Jo Sung Mo’s song ‘Was Happy’.

For this stage, HeeChul will show a side of him never shown as part of a big idol group.



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8Eight – Without A Heart/I Don’t Have A Heart [vid+mp3 DL]

8Eight – Without A Heart MV (english subbed)


Without A Heart feat. SoHee and Heechul [fanmade]


There are Version A,B, C, D of the Sohee + Heechul remake…basically the effects just change (i.e. black&white or Film Reel)
If you want to see them all just go to daydreamer198‘s channel ^_^

Without A Heart feat. SoHee and Jaejoong [fanmade]


daydreamer198’s remake is definitely more famous (maybe because SoheeHeechul is really famous too – Hubby Chul likes Sohee…either fake or real) and soo nicely made than Sohee+Jaejoong one but it sure is a good one too…^_^

Download mp3 Here


If you really can’t help it please credit me and comment on this page with where you reposted the download link

This is old news…
I’ve seen the Sohee+Heechul since March but when I saw 8Eight performs @ KBS Lee Hanas Peppermint Ep.20
it took me a while to remember where I heard the song “Without A Heart”…
And I figured I saw it in allkpop a month ago…

I am just loving 8Eight!!Love the song…<333

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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.09 *Funny Hee!xD*

손 오 공 머 리/Sun Wu Kong’s Head


2009.04.09 23:08

최유기 (Choi Yu Ki).. Those who know about this comic ~

I haven’t seen it in a few years (-┏)

I feel that 삼장(Sam Jang*) is not too bad.. Hmm..

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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.04.09

In the ‘澈’ folder..

미 쓰 라 眞 / Mithra Jin

heechul friend


2009.04.09 02:29

It has been 3 years since I introduced a friend (-┏)

Heenim, who listens to no one, and as stubborn as a frog

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Heechul’s CY Entry 032809 [WINNING 1st in MuBank] [re-post]

I’m deleting my 2nd multiply account because I can’t maintain it anymore T_T and I decided to put my fave blog entries here…hehe

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.03.28 01:27
In the ‘澈’ folder..

개 감 사/Awesome thanks

I want to especially thank..

After winning first, the person whom called us was our Kibummie

Although there are this and that misunderstandings, but those are only appetizers..

And afterall..

Beautiful Petal.. ELF.. Undead.. 希-gyo

Although with an awkward expression (?)..

It was because of us that you all appeared.. But it’s because of you all that we exist..

Really really lovely..

Don’t know why your eyes are dazzling dazzlingㅋㅋ Nam dongsaeng (Male younger ’sibling’).. 9 brothers*


I was regretful I didn’t dance Gee finish on the broadcast.. Cough..ㅋㅋ

Oppa is like going against you everyday, I’m sorryㅋㅋ You are all very cute!!

All in all

Awesome thanks^-^

This expression is.. Really beautiful

*referring to SNSD

Credits; LoveChul, OnlySJ13,

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