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Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye for Dynamic Kin CF [8pics]

Dynamic Kin CF


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Kim Hyun Joong Is Depressed


Kim Hyun Joong has left people around him worried after he seemed to be in misery and suffering from depression recently during work. This apparently happened after Kim Hyun Joong’s grandmother suffered complications during her knee surgery last month. His grandmother showed symptoms of paralysis to the whole body during the surgery and although she is currently out of danger, she is unable to recognize anyone else other than Kim Hyun Joong himself.

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Do You Want a Date With Kim Hyun Joong?

From May 18th to June 30th, Hotsun Chicken (a company Kim Hyun Joong is the face of) will be giving one coupon to every person who buys a whole chicken from them. With this coupon, they will go to Hotsun’s website and register, and the 70 people with the most amount of chickens purchased will have a chance to win a date with Kim Hyun Joong.  The top 70 customers will compete for the chance to get his signature, pictures with him and even a chicken date.

The winner will be announced on July 1st and the “chicken date” will go down on the 4th.

Hyun Joong is even going to cook the chicken and serve it himself.

I LOVE Kim Hyun Joong…

maybe it will be a nice advertisement and many will try their luck in it…well, goodluck to everyone ^^

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See Cute Little Yoon Ji Hoo!!^^

On May 8th Tony Moly Cosmetics opened a new store in Myeongdong, Seoul’s world famous shopping district. To celebrate the grand opening of their new store, and since Kim Hyun Joong endorses their company, every person that purchased a Tony Moly product received a gift box that contained a Hyun Joong figurine.

There were six different Hyun Joong figurines available and they all were wearing various outfits from the Boys Over Flowers drama. The figurines were created in the likeness of Kim Hyun Joong’s Boys Over Flowers character Yoon Ji Hoo.

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Kim Hyun Joong, “I really dislike Yoon Ji Hoo’s way of speaking”

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong was on KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on 9th May where he revealed about how he dislike talking like his character Yoon Ji Hoon in the drama Boys Over Flowers.

He said on the show, “What I dislike most is Yoon Ji Hoo’s way of speaking. He speaks with so much reservations and shame.” In the show, Kim Hyun Joong had to deliver lines like ‘If there is the blue sky and wind, I can go anywhere’ etc.

He went on, “I agree that Yoon Ji Hoo has so much money, and he works out well. And I will want to be like him in these ways,”


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Super Junior KangIn, “I only sing 11 secs to the song ‘Sorry Sorry’”


Super Junior KangIn was on KBS ‘Game Show’ as the leader to Kang Team. He has to lead a team to play a game where players are blindfolded, and had to jump but also avoid a fly swatter after exactly 10 seconds. And he has, “I have confidence to do that well”

He then added, “Of the 13 members singing Super Junior’s song ‘Sorry Sorry’, I just have 11 seconds of time to sing. I think I can do an accurate jump.”

And SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon and 2AM Im Seul Ong who were present shared his pain as part of an idol group. Seul Ong revealed that he also have 10 seconds worth of time to sing for 2AM’s 2nd album’s ‘A Friend’s Confession’.

This episode of game show will air on 3rd May at 10.50am.


Oh the perks of being a member of a large group! tsk tsk tsk….
kangin fighting!!!

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Kim Hyun Joong’s Application for Anycall

Even with all the CFs and hit TV show money, he’s still very down to earth. In his chicken scratch handwriting, Kim Hyun Joong filled out a job application for AnyCall.

This guy has netizens cracking up with his blunt responses on the application. Under ‘Desired Salary,’ he put “any amount paid.”

We all know that he was a little smartie because under Education, he listed is grades as “above average.” For work experience, he listed his current place of employment as “DSP” and job position: Leader.

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Kim Hyun Joong Sporting A New Look

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Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 and Boys Over Flowers fame is sporting a new look by changing up his hairstyle. His hair is now dark and much shorter than before.

His hairstyle isn’t the only thing that’s changed. According to a newsen interview with fellow SS501 member Kim KyuJong, it’s been revealed that Kim Hyun Joong’s personality has somewhat changed after the filming of Boys Over Flowers. Where as before, Hyun Joong was somewhat brash and blunt, he’s a bit more subdued and laid back now.

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