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Famous Korean Female Stars Pose for Nylon’s 1st Anniversary

In view of Nylon’s 1st anniversary this September, female Korean stars Yoon Eun Hye, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Hyori, Park Ye Jin and Han Hye Jin were invited for a “Hear the Sound” t-shirts photoshoot. They are all so pretty. Hyori’s bright pink shirt somehow make her stand out of the rest but i really really like Han Hye Jin here…she’s the most beautiful for me (at least in this photo shoot) ^^ and i like her shirt a lot.

Yoon Eun Hye
Eun Hye,nylon

Han Hyo Joo

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Always Keep the Faith Statement Shirts [Philippines Only]

Exclusive in the Philippines only. This is the project of a Filipina Cassie and I don’t think she accepts orders from other countries. Not that big time yet >_<  But the effort is cool! ^^

DBSK statement shirts which basically have “Aways Keep the Faith [text]” on them. I don’t know whether they come in just white or if you may request for other color (besides it the statement that matters right?). And the price..please just transact HERE


Other statement shirts which include SNSD, Super Junior, Wonder Girls and Big Bang just check them out here or better yet explore the site xD

I am not in any way the proprietor of that wonderful site. The owner of that site doesn’t know that i am promoting these products here (and I hope she doesn’t mid T.T). I just found these statement shirts touching (at least for all Cassies out there in the philippines) so I decided to share them here.

DBSK Fighting! We are always keeping the faith ^^

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“Dream” Starring Joo Jin Mo, Kim Bum & Son Dambi [7pics]

With poor ratings weighing heavily on its shoulders, SBS has decided to cut their losses on their period drama, Ja Myung Go which had been originally scheduled for 50 episodes. It will now be shortened to just 39 episodes and will end it’s run on 21st July. Replacing it will be Dream, a sports themed drama starring Kim Bum, Joo Jin Mo, Son Dambi, Julien Kang, Choi Yeo Jin, Oh Dal Soo, Chung Lim, etc. Dream was set for broadcast in September originally but SBS has decided to rush it and replace Ja Myung Go to revive the station’s flagging ratings on Monday and Tuesday nights.

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Wonder Girls, Rain are Black Eyed Peas’s Favourite Kpop Artist

Famous American hip hop group, The Black Eyed Peas consisting of members,, Taboo, and Fergie were recently interviewed by a Korean News Station. When asked who their favorite Korean Star was, one of the members stated that they liked Rain and The Wonder Girls.

This isn’t the first time they recognized a Korean artist, as gave Kero One a personalized video message. It seems like a lot of American artists are interested in Korean acts these days. Hopefully, this time period will be looked back upon as the start of big things for Asian Artists in America.

Cr: SoheeFC@YT for vid; GhostWriter@allkpop
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YG Entertainment and DSP Media On the List of “Slave Companies”

On June 8 afternoon, according to the Korean media, the contract between the entertainment companies and their artists is also called the “slave contract”. Although this have been gaining the people’s attention and surveillance, abuse does not change and still exist. Recently, the South Korean Fair Trade Committee announced their investigation reports for 20 entertainment companies and found out that almost every company signed unfair contract with their artists. This includes the well known YG Entertainment and DSP Media.

Within a period of two months from April to May, the Fair Trade Committee carried out investigations on the contracts signed between the 20 companies and their 230 artists and discovered that majority portion of the contracts were extremely unfair to the artists.

This includes:

  • the artists must get the company’s permission to go oversea and have to act according to what the company instructed them to do;
  • companies have the authority to amend the contract. even after it was signed by both parties;
  • without their companyfs permission, the artists are not allowed to end their activities;
  • after the contract expires, the artists are not allowed to work in related fields etc.

Some contracts even instruct the artists to faithfully report to the company wherever they are. The legal advisor said that these clauses have infringed the artistes’ private life and hopes the investigation is done transparently so as to improve the artistes’ career environment.

The 16 companies on the list:
IJ entertainment company 
Peace entertainment company 
YG entertainment company 
DY entertainment company 
barunson entertainment company 
HUMANE entertainment company 
Story entertainment company 
sim entertainment company 
GTB entertainment company 
Summer entertainment company 
Fan entertainment company 
101 entertainment company
STAR-K entertainment company 
mentor entertainment company 
BHE entertainment company 
oracle entertainment company

Credits: MyDaily —(english translations)
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that’s too sad…


2NE1 are the big winners of the 34th and 35th Digital Music Awards [12pics]


The 34th and 35th CyWorld Digital Music Awards (DMA) took place on 10th June in Seoul.

And newcomer 2NE1 is one of the big winners of the night.

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Epik High Working On A Remix Album and A Full-Length Album


Epik High will release a remix album. They released the information about their new remix album on their official webpage on 8th June.

Tablo said,

It was a project we started for fun… a remix album of Epik High’s hit songs. Yeah, we could’ve done it ourselves, but that would be boring~ SO! We handed over a collection of our songs to the electronic band PLANET SHIVER.

The result? MESMERIZING.

I always knew that Planet Shiver’s three DJs (Friz, DH Style & Philtre) were talented, but DAMN! These aren’t just remixes; they’re total recreations. It sounds like an entirely new album, filled with brand new songs. I can’t believe our songs can sound like this! I’M FREAKIN’ OUT!

Originally, this album was intended to be a digital-only release. But I’m lovin’ it so much, we’ve decided to go with a full release~

Meanwhile, Tablo also posted up photos of them at work on their album. And also attached the phrase, “Working on Epik High’s official album, around August~September?”

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Joo Ji-Hoon Seeks 1 Year Imprisonment

Popular actor Joo Ji-Hoon, who was discovered to be using drugs, will face 1 year imprisonment.

Joo Ji-hoon appeared at the Seoul Central District Court on June 9 for a hearing after being caught using drugs (ecstasy and ketamine), where he sought a 1-year prison term and a penalty of 440,000 won.

On this day, Joo Ji-hoon, actress Yoon Seol-hee, and model Yeh Hak-young all admitted to their wrongdoing, and Joo said, “I am deeply regretful of my mistake.” In his final statements, he added, “As one person acting in one moment, I could not restrain my curiosity and ended up hurting many people. I have vowed not to do anything like this again.”

His lawyer added, “Joo Ji-hoon took the drugs while very intoxicated, and did not take any more after the incident last year in April. He had postponed his enlistment date to October 2009, but if he postpones it because of this incident, he will come back a new person after serving his military duty.”

The other celebrities caught up in the scandal sought harsher punishments for trafficking and selling the drugs on multiple occasions: 7 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 13.2 million won for Yoon Seol-hee, the trafficker in the scandal, and 5 years and a 2.26 million won penalty for Yeh Hak-young. They will all receive announcement of their verdict and sentencing at a public hearing on June 23.

source: break news
Translations: dramabeans


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