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[updated] CF Couples Battle: Lee Minho+Dara vs. Rain+Goo Hye Sun


Boys over Flowers fame Lee Minho and 2NE1’s Sandara Park filmed a new CF for OB Beer’s Cass 2X alcoholic beverage.

Utilizing one of Korea’s biggest stars Lee Minho and 2NE1’s Sandara Park, the theme of the CF will be based on the way young couples “love.” Which obviously means, a love story will brew between Dara and Lee Minho!

OB Beer’s Marketing Manager stated:

“We chose top stars Lee Minho and Sandara Park as their trendy image matches perfectly with the image of our Cass beer. We’re staying in touch with the younger generation and this CF will start a new trend.”


The hot stars Rain (aka. Jung JiHoon) and Goo HyeSun had gotten together to film a commerical for a  bakery brand TuReJuRul.

Rain was next in like for the CF after Jo InSung had left for the army service. In early August he started to  film with Goo HyeSun. Despite his tough and charismatic image, through this commerical, he will show a playful and smooth image for TuReJuRul.

UPDATED! Here is the CF by Rain and Hyesun:

090901 Goo Hye Sun & Rain – Tours Les Jours New CF


WARNING! to certified fangirls of Lee Minho…you just might end up enraged especially if you haven’t watched it. This is just the 30s version and no kisses on the lips yet…but the effect to me??

[CF] Sandara & MinHo – Cass 2X Beer [30s]


Want more torture?heartbreak anyone? Watch the full mv here

Wow! Two totally different CFs but I guess what makes it worth a battle is the fact that the loved couple MinSun was broken and each were paired with a different person. The bakery CF by Bi and Hyesun is adorable ^^. The CF of Dara and Minho, well it is beer that they endorse so it can’t be cutesy right? I like Bi and Hyesun better – Rain is really so versatile and so is Hyesun. fighto! (biased bec. i got heartbroken with the other couple~ROFL)…what about you?

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168-page Boys Over Flowers Photo Book To Be Released!

You know you want it! Haha!

Just when you thought you won’t be hearing about it, at least not so soon. It was revealed today that a Boys Over Flowers photo book will soon be released in Korea and Japan, to further cash in on the popularity of the drama which created a storm earlier in the year.

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Lee Min Ho to Hold First Fan-Meeting

Lee Min-ho went for his leg surgery on 5 June, 2009.

The minor procedure on his leg to remove steel rods placed there after a car accident in 2006 went smoothly. Min-ho will not remain at the hospital for long because it is a simple procedure and will leave the hospital soon, says officials. Yet the exact date of discharge has not been announced.

The surgery was scheduled at 5am on 05 June and some of his Boys Over Flowers cast and his friends were there for support. The procedure was originally scheduled for May but Lee Min-ho’s busy schedule did not allow for this, hence the postponement.

In any case the actor is doing fine and will be meeting his fans at his birthday celebration cum fan meeting on 21June at Dom Art Hall, Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. This will be Min-ho’s first official fan meeting!

Source: kpopped
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Oh how many fans of yours wish they lived in Seoul or at least near it to be able to go!! D:


Lee Min Ho Endorses Trugen [14pics]

Lee Min Ho looks mature and sleek in this photoshoot for Trugen. Lee Min Ho is the new face for the company, taking over from the previous model, Jo In Sung who had enlisted to serve the nation on 6th April.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho

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Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon for Haptic Mission 2 [9pics]

anycall haptic 2

Haptic Mission Season 2

I know this is way too late for posting but what I wanted to share are the pictures of Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon for Haptic Mission 2 ^^

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Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun Goes to Taiwan; Jerry Yan Vs. Lee Min Ho??

Xiao Xian‘s straight-forwardness made the battle between Jerry Yan and Lee Min Ho reach its climax!

At yesterday’s press conference for Boys Over Flowers Korean version of <Meteor Garden>, host Xiao Xian stated, “I’m currently filming a drama with Jerry Yan. I feel that you (Lee Min Ho) are much friendlier than he is,” which made staff members at the event felt a cold shiver. When Xiao Xian asked Lee Min Ho, who has teeth as white as Jerry’s, to “give a smile”, Lee Min Ho’s face turned green. He smiled embarrassedly and laughed lightly.

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Lee Min Ho Poses for Vogue Magazine [7pics]

June 2009 Issue of Vogue Magazine



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WonderGirls, Big Bang and Goo Joon Pyo appear on students’ test papers

test paper 2

This isn’t the first time such things have been reported.

“What does Big Bang DaeSung’s sentence mean in the following?” (Off year 1 mid years paper of A middle school)

“I saw Gu Junpyo with my own eyes yesterday” (Off year 1 mid years paper of B middle school)

How creative can Korean teachers get?

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