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TVXQ Secret Code Booklet [18pics]

Click them for bigger pics ^^

Oh my!hubby‘s got it all wrong with the hair again…but still…normal handsome hair is boring…LOL!

Jae‘s hair is glowing again…love his hair!!





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TVXQ members’ used items for sale

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TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s used items from the hotel they stayed at in Nanjing, China for their “Mirotic” concert appeared for sale on the internet recently. After TVXQ checked out of their hotel in Nanjing, the staff charged a fee to let fans get a glimpse of the individual member’s rooms. The hotel staff then sold used items from TVXQ’s rooms to the highest bidding fans. It’s unclear whether the items up for sale on the internet are leftovers that are being sold by one of the hotel staff, or if they’re items that fans are reselling.

Jaejoong’s empty bottle of Hennessy
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DBSK @ Sparkling Concert

Visit ^____^

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DBSK Rising Sun Parody [Subject: CHANGMIN watches porn xD]

I found another Parody which is WORTH watching…xD

DBSK – Rising Sun Parody

Jae: “We really need to teach him a lesson. Yunho take the videos TAKE THEM AND GO!”
Min: “Yunho, WHYYY!!!”

credit: NekoKaorii @ YT
shared by: parkminnie@wp

puahahaha!!!God!!these guys are geniuses!!This is not from KiSung85…she only got this one…but it is really good!! – LOL
Poor Changmin is the subject…about watching porn…almost died from laughing (okay that was exagerated but IT IS REALLY ENTERTAINING!!

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TVXQ Parodies [fanmade]

Wrong Number Parody

The latest from KiSung85

Xiah: “Plus, I’ll never forget the day I found out my dad and brother are regulars of Changmin”
Max: “I’ll never mention his mom calls too sometimes”

Wah!!Puahahaha!!!it’s really funny…XD Let’s laugh you guys!! – LOL
S/he is a genius huh?It’s just sooo smexy!!!@.@

Purple Line Parody [MY FAVORITE]

haha…This is the coolest for me!!enough said…

Also Try watching:
Mirotic Parody
O Parody

Or For more of these entertaining stuff visit his/her (i think s/he is a SHE but anyway just to not make a mistake and offend someone…^_^) youtube channel

shared by: parkminni@wp

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Fan cafes for April Fools Swap XD

Really creative for April Fools…A brilliant idea!!puahahaha…
They changed their idols for a day…haha…
Thanks to SYC for sharing!:)

Onsaemiro, Super Junior’s fan cafe, became DBSK’s for APRIL FOOLS!


Youngwoong Jaejoong’s fancafe became Kangin’s for APRIL FOOLS!


유愛루비, DBSK’s fancafe became SHINee’s for April 1 only


Choikang Changmin’s became Changmin from 2AM.


Xiah Junsu’s became Kim Junsu’s from 2PM!

DNBN became a weird ad site


credit: 애기샤☆@tvxqaustralia
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Funny EunTeuk @ SUKIRA 03.25.09 [Mirotic-DBSK version]

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk imitating Changmin’s scream & the original

cr: kirraTwELF @ YT

FULL video at Sukira [250309] MIrotic – DBSK

cr: only13suju @ YT

Puahahaha!!!TOO FUNNY!!hahahaha!!!

They’re so adorkable XD especially Leeteuk!!

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