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UPDATE i [05.13.2011]


Here are updates as of 10: 36pm (Philippines time) of May 13, 2011

I guess Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky today 🙂

4Minute (Click HERE)

  • 2nd Japanese single – I My Me Mine
  • 3rd Japanese single – First/Dreams Come True
  • Japanese Volume 1 – Diamond
  • 4th Japanese single – Why
  • 3rd Korean Mini-album – Heart to Heart


  • 4th Mini-album – Lights Go On Again
  • 5th Mini-album – My Story

Big Bang (Click HERE)

  • GD & TOP Vol.1
  • Seungri 1st Mini-album – VVIP
  • 4th Korean Mini-album – Tonight
  • Japanese Album – BIGBANG2

C.N Blue (Click HERE)

  • Volume 1 Korean – First Step
  • First Step + 1: Thank You

F.T. Island (Click HERE)

  • 6th Japanese single – So Today
  • 7th Japanese single – Satisfaction

F(x) (Click HERE)

  • Volume 1 Korean – First Step
  • First Step + 1: Thank You

G.NA (Click HERE)

  • Volume 1 – Black & White

Jay Park (Click HERE)

  • Bestie
  • 1st Mini-album – Take A Deeper Look


  • Volume 1 – BLAQ Style

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MBLAQ Sporting Scandinavian Henrik Vibskov’s Designer Clothes

Okay, so I will post the few interesting kpop news I’ve recently read . I said that I won’t be posting anymore news but those that are really interesting ^^. MBLAQ is surely a group that interests me.

Hot rookie boy group MBLAQ are spotted wearing Scandinavian designer, Henrik Vibskov’s designs. MBLAQ wore these clothing ensemble in their MV, various photoshoots and also radio shows. In this particular photoshoot, they’re showcasing Vibskov’s Bolivia line.

Leader Seung Ho

Leader Seung Ho wore Henrik Vibskov’s Bolivia Mittens ($95 USD). (He reminds me of Ryan (brother of Sharpay) of High School Musical. well, at least in this photo ~ haha)

mblaq Thunder

Thunder wore Henrik Vibskov’s Bolivia Cap ($106 USD). (Gah! Ji Yong aura!O.O)

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MV Collection III [Epik High,G-Dragon,Beast,MBLAQ]

Please click keap reading. This post is cut to minimize bandwidth.


MV Downloads in this post:

Epik High – Trot+High Technology MV
Epik High – Wannabe MV
G-Dragon – Butterfly Mv
Beast – Bad Girl MV
MBLAQ – Oh Yeah MV

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It’s All About MBLAQ! I am Officially a Chic-doll! :)


MBLAQ is the anticipated first boy group to be handled by J.Tune Entertainment (of and by Rain). Many have been looking forward to this group simply because it is under Rain‘s agency, J Tunes Entertainment. Although Rain is busy with his own music, style and dancing, he keeps in check with his boy group a lot. Furthermore, this group’s got another celebrity connection: member Sang Hyun is 2NE1 Dara‘s little bro & was a last minute addition to the group.

Here is the vid of their first and current single: Oh Yeah

MBLAQ – Oh Yeah MV


more info+pics after cut 😉

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MBLAQ Performs at Legend of Rainism Concert


After 2 very long years, Rain‘s first boy group, MBLAQ, has finally made their debut! Taking the stage before an audience of 8000 fans, MBLAQ opened Rain’s concert on the 9th for the “Legend of Rainism” tour and successfully performed 3 songs. After taking a look at these fancams from the concert, it’s safe to say these boys made Rain proud as they danced and sang their hearts out before a roaring crowd. The boys performed their title song “Oh Yes”, “Good Love” and member Jung Byung Hee had a solo performance.

SOURCE: allkpop
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We Shall Spread the Love


What is this all about? Discover here 🙂

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