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Dara & 2NE1 Candid Pics On Me2Day, Cute!


Dara has just recently uploaded some photos on her Me2Day! Me2day is a social networking website equivalent to Twitter, with their proud line-up of stellar celebrities like 2NE1, Big Bang, and f(x) as their members.

Always thoughtful toward her Blackjacks, Dara posted some pictures of her and 2NE1 members as gifts to their fans. 2NE1’s fans are called the Blackjacks, associated with the number ’21’. (–>i’ve always thought what their fans – me included – are called…so it’s official, I AM A BLACKJACK 🙂)

Here are the photos+Dara’s description:


“Gift number one for our exciting Lackjacks (her cute way of addressing the Blackjacks) !!! Our maknae filled with cuteness and powerful personality, Minzy’s Selca~ Shooong~! Come get it! ^.^”

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