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Classic Anime Detective Conan Becomes A Live-Action Series

Shonen Sunday’s 26th issue will be announcing this Wednesday that a live-action TV adaption of the popular Detective Conan manga has been approved. The series will be premiering on YTV, NTV and their affiliates on July 7.

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How Sweet Can Oguri Shun Get…

Oguri Shun appeared for the release event of his new movie TAJOMARU. The movie is about Tajomaru, who is a famous thief through generations.

Associated with that, Scissors-paper-rock game was held with male audiences only. The winner was given 浪切の剣/Namikiri no ken(ken=sword) which was actually used in the movie with Tajomaru’s name on. The winner of all was a guy who came with his wife living in Tokyo. He said he came because his wife asked, and got a chance to participate for the photo session with Oguri and others. Oguri who probably was into his character Tajomaru who never tried to abandon women, said to the winner, “be happy with your wife and make her happy” with smiling.

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MONKEY - fangirlingso sweet! ^^ Oguri Shun ♥



Oguri Shun Endorses SEED’s “plusmix” & “I Seed” Glasses [4pics]

Please don’t bash…I just copied the description >_<
Here are the photos…though I think that Shun could look way better than these photos…I don’t quite like them…
But still…Shun ❤


Glasses manufacturer SEED introduced their 2009 spring and summer new models of the ‘plusmix’ ‘I SEED’ line of glasses featuring Oguri Shun as their official model! Now here’s your chance to download images of two radically different Oguri Shun with glasses!

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Oguri Shun To Direct A Movie

Popular actor Shun Oguri (26) is taking on his first directing job. While actors becoming directors is nothing new, this is said to be the first case for a star still in his twenties. The movie’s official title is still unknown, but those close to the project are apparently calling it “Surely Someday.”

Oguri, who is currently overseas for work, plans to start shooting this summer. Details are sparse, but the film is said to be a story of adolescence that will feature a cast of handsome actors.

Oguri has wanted to try directing for a long time. He was able to get this project rolling with the help of producer Mataichiro Yamamoto, who heads Oguri’s management agency Tristone, and his father, stage director Tetsuya Oguri. The actor has already done a little directing, working on the short “manner CM” that played in theaters for “Crows ZERO II.”

“Surely Someday” is expected to open in theaters next year.

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