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Arashi Dominates ORICON Year 2009 Charts!

Yearly Album Ranking (2009)

1 All the BEST! 1999-2009
Artist: Arashi
Publisher: J Storm
Release Date: 2009 August 19
Number of Sales: 1,432,781

2. Mr. Children – SUPERMARKET FANTASY = 1,251,148
3. GReeeeN – Shio, Koshou = 1,000,127
4. EXILE – Aisubeki Mirai e = 897,095

Yearly Singles Ranking (2009)

1 Believe/Kumorinochi, kaisei
Artist: Arashi/Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno
Publisher: Johnny’s Ent.
Release Date: 2009 March 04
Number of Sales: 656,676

2. Arashi – Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon ~kimi wa muteki~ = 620,557
3. Arashi – My Girl = 513,186
4. Akimoto Junko – Ai no Mama de = 489,138
5. Arashi – Everything = 423,004

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ORICON: Best Fashion Sense

This summer, Oricon surveyed 1,000 men and women ranging from their teens to their forties, asking them to identify celebrities with good fashion sense. Tsuyoshi Domoto and Becky ranked highest on the lists.


1.Tsuyoshi Domoto
2.Takuya Kimura
3.Masaki Aiba
4.Takeru Sato
5.Masaharu Fukuyama
7.Joe Odagiri
8.Yusuke Kamiji
9.Jun Matsumoto
10.Hiroki Narimiya,Hiro Mizushima


3.Kaela Kimura
4.Masami Hisamoto
7.Ayumi Hamasaki
8.Tsubasa Masuwaka
10.Haruka Ayase

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ORICON: Namie Amuro Is “Kogao Queen” for the 3rd Time

Oricon’s “kogao queen” survey has become an annual tradition. For the fourth year, the research firm surveyed a total of a thousand men and women, asking them to rank the female celebrities that they associated with the “small face” beauty trend. For the third consecutive year, singer Namie Amuro ranked #1. Followed by…

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TVXQ is #2 ORICON Monthly Charts for May 2009


Popular group TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki placed second on the Oricon Monthly Sales chart for their One Piece OP single, “Share the World / We are!” The sales were tabulated from April 20th – May 17th and TVXQ had a sales of 129,000 during that time period.

TVXQ’s 28th Japanese single titled Stand By You is scheduled to be released on July 1st. They will have very stiff competition with this release, Popular JPOP group Arashi will be releasing “Everything” on the same date. Other popular artists such as Flumpool, Gackt, and Mao Denda are also scheduled to release new singles around that time frame.

If i’m not mistaken, when Toho released Survivor it was at the same time as KAT-TUN’s Rescue being released. Well, we’ll see about this time’s competition. It will undoubtedly  be fierce! 😀

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oricon page updated

ORICON page is back check it out if you’re interested!

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ORICON: Fresh Actors to Keep An Eye On

SATO TAKERUmizushima hiroharuma miura

Several weeks ago, Oricon polled a group of 300 high school girls about up-and-coming young actors. The women were asked to identify which “fresh” actors they have been paying close attention to.

#1 was Takeru Sato, who first got his break as the star of “Kamen Rider Den-O.” He has recently picked up a few major television roles in dramas such as “Bloody Monday” and “Mei-chan no Shitsuji.”

Ranked 2nd was the highly popular Hiro Mizushima, who also appeared in “Mei-chan no Shitsuji.”  Haruma Miura, the star of “Bloody Monday,” was #3.

  1. Takeru Sato
  2. Hiro Mizushima
  3. Haruma Miura
  4. Junpei Mizobata
  5. Masaki Okada
  6. Shohei Miura
  7. Eita
  8. Hiroshi Tamaki
  9. Toma Ikuta
  10. Ryosuke Yamada


Idk but I guess thos 300 HS girls didn’t get the idea “Fresh” -____-
Some of these guys are already senpais and had a lot of experience already

I guess they thought artists they have discovered just recently (“fresh” to them) not actors new “fresh” to the industry

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Oricon: Whose Face Would You Want?

Earlier this year, Oricon asked 600 men ranging from their teens to their forties, “Which male celebrity’s face would you want to have?” Naturally, men considered popularity with women as the main factor, leading to Masaharu Fukuyama topping the list. Takuya Kimura ranked #2, followed by Hiro Mizushima.

1. Masaharu Fukuyama
2. Takuya Kimura (SMAP)
3. Hiro Mizushima
4. Satoshi Tsumabuki
5. Teppei Koike (WaT)
6. Junichi Okada (V6)
7. Masahiro Motoki
8. Tomohisa Yamashita (NEWS)
9. Mocomichi Hayami
10. Koshi Inaba
11. Hiroki Narimiya

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Tohoshinki’s ORICON Sales Record for The Secret Code

Popular group Tohoshinki finally cracked the highest sales record ever since their career in Japan. Tohoshinki’s 4th album launched on March 25th, “The Secret Code” recorded first day sales 82,891 copies, and the next day on March 26th was sold 30,620 copies, thus the accumulation in 2 days straight is around 110,000 copies, placing them on the 2nd in ORICON album chart.

Tohoshinki made their highest first week sales record which is definitely their best result so far.

Meanwhile, Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album “NEXT LEVEL” was sold for 48,318 in the 26th, placed her on 1st in two consecutive days in ORICON album chart.

Many fans of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki were wishing for over 150k sales in the first week for their latest Japanese Album, The Secret Code. Well your wishes have been fulfilled because the boys have officially accomplished this. TVXQ was ranked number 2 on the Oricon Weekly Sales chart with a tally of 157,954 units sold. The Queen of JPOP Ayumi Hamasaki was first with 240,810 units sold. Hopefully, one day in the near future TVXQ can get to that mark. Congratulations to TVXQ and continue FIGHTING. Thanks to Jaejin for the tip.

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Yay!!tohoshinki fighting!!!

This is amazing considering they are Korean and Japanese are known for their patriotism [implies them patronizing their own artist as well?] yet they welcome our dear tvxq to their country…^_^

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