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2NE1 are the big winners of the 34th and 35th Digital Music Awards [12pics]


The 34th and 35th CyWorld Digital Music Awards (DMA) took place on 10th June in Seoul.

And newcomer 2NE1 is one of the big winners of the night.

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Joo Ji-Hoon Seeks 1 Year Imprisonment

Popular actor Joo Ji-Hoon, who was discovered to be using drugs, will face 1 year imprisonment.

Joo Ji-hoon appeared at the Seoul Central District Court on June 9 for a hearing after being caught using drugs (ecstasy and ketamine), where he sought a 1-year prison term and a penalty of 440,000 won.

On this day, Joo Ji-hoon, actress Yoon Seol-hee, and model Yeh Hak-young all admitted to their wrongdoing, and Joo said, “I am deeply regretful of my mistake.” In his final statements, he added, “As one person acting in one moment, I could not restrain my curiosity and ended up hurting many people. I have vowed not to do anything like this again.”

His lawyer added, “Joo Ji-hoon took the drugs while very intoxicated, and did not take any more after the incident last year in April. He had postponed his enlistment date to October 2009, but if he postpones it because of this incident, he will come back a new person after serving his military duty.”

The other celebrities caught up in the scandal sought harsher punishments for trafficking and selling the drugs on multiple occasions: 7 years’ imprisonment and a fine of 13.2 million won for Yoon Seol-hee, the trafficker in the scandal, and 5 years and a 2.26 million won penalty for Yeh Hak-young. They will all receive announcement of their verdict and sentencing at a public hearing on June 23.

source: break news
Translations: dramabeans


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G-Dragon Poses with Couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk

Looks like Bong attended a friend’s wedding, look at his hair, isn’t it a ‘NO NO’ thing for the guest to look better than the groom? haha Bong might have broken that law.


Photos of Big Bang member GDragon posing with couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk were revealed online recently. As many has known, model Lee Soo Hyuk is one of the close friends to GDragon.

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Wonder Girls Tour With the Jonas Brothers!!


The Wonder Girls will be touring the US and opening for the Jonas Brothers this summer – that’s a ton of exposure for the Wonder Girls in the states!

Also, make sure to check out the brand new OFFICIAL WONDER GIRLS WEBSITE! Once it goes 100% live the site will have all of the latest and exclusive news on the Wonder Girls.


Sat, 06/27/09 @ 07:00 p.m. Rose Garden Portland, OR
Sun, 06/28/09 @ 07:00 p.m. Tacoma Dome Tacoma, WA
Mon, 06/29/09 @ 07:00 p.m. General Motors Place Vancouver, BC
Tue, 06/30/09 @ 07:00 p.m. General Motors Place Vancouver, BC
Fri, 07/10/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL
Sat, 07/11/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL
Sun, 07/19/09 @ 08:00 p.m. Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY
Mon, 07/20/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY
Tue, 07/21/09 @ 07:30 p.m. Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY
Fri, 08/07/09 @ 07:30 p.m. STAPLES Center Los Angeles, CA
Sat, 08/08/09 @ 07:30 p.m. STAPLES Center Los Angeles, CA
Sun, 08/09/09 @ 07:30 p.m. STAPLES Center Los Angeles, CA
Sat, 08/22/09 @ 07:00 p.m. Philips Arena Atlanta, GA

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OMOO!!Wonder Girls fighting!!!^____^
So happy for these girls ;D


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Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun Goes to Taiwan; Jerry Yan Vs. Lee Min Ho??

Xiao Xian‘s straight-forwardness made the battle between Jerry Yan and Lee Min Ho reach its climax!

At yesterday’s press conference for Boys Over Flowers Korean version of <Meteor Garden>, host Xiao Xian stated, “I’m currently filming a drama with Jerry Yan. I feel that you (Lee Min Ho) are much friendlier than he is,” which made staff members at the event felt a cold shiver. When Xiao Xian asked Lee Min Ho, who has teeth as white as Jerry’s, to “give a smile”, Lee Min Ho’s face turned green. He smiled embarrassedly and laughed lightly.

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Beatboxing kpop Has Never Been this Awesome!![mp3DLs]

Maybe you have heard of this guy already…I saw him round wp sites and shamefully didn’t check him out till now…
He’s covered Girls’ Genereation’s Gee, Super Junior’s It’s you, 2pm’s Again & Again, DBSK’s Mirotic and BoA’s Eat You Up. All of which are really awesome! Honestly, I checked them out one by one and no cover gets boring…
Alright, before i fill this whole post with flattery to this guy just hear him out ^____^

These two are one of the recently released as I think many have already heard Gee and It;s you..
I love love the cover on Again&Again!!
and Sorry Sorry cover is the best for me!

2PM- Again & Again Beatbox

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Park Tae Hwan for Arena Magazine [5pics]

After Big Bang, Park Tae Hwan aka Marine Boy and Olympic Gold Medalist has a feature photo set on the latest edition of Arena Magazine.

He’s famous not only for winning the Gold and Silver in the 400 meter freestyle and 200 meter freestyle events at the Beijing Olympics, but also because of rumors of him dating Wonder Girl Sunye. The rumors have never been proven and they’re just good friends.

I know him because of the goggles (supposed to be his) Jandi wanted on Boys Over Flowers ;P

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Park Ye Jin Leaves SBS Family Outing

Family Outing

Inevitable when it comes to variety but still sad to see it become reality. Park Ye Jin’s management agency, BOF announced on the 25th that the Family Outing episode with Yoshihiro Akiyama (aka Choo Sung Hoon) which will be aired in 2 weeks time on 7th and 14th June will be her last. Ye Jin is sad that she has to leave Family Outing because she has developed so much feelings over it, the bonding with the other family members and the fact that it has made more people take notice of her after appearing in it for close to a year.

The decision to leave SBS Family Outing was because of the daily filming schedule for MBC’s Queen Seon Duk (debuting on 25th May), where she plays Princess Chun Myung. In addition, Park Ye Jin will also be filming for a movie which will start at the end of May concurrently. Previously, Ye Jin had taken on KBS2TV Hateful But Once Again together with Family Outing, which took a toll on her health and saw her falling sick.

There’s no further word from SBS as yet on how they will handle this but Park Ye Jin’s absence from Family Outing will be sorely missed in the long-term.

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*really sad* It won’t be complete anymore…:'( and so hyori will be the only girl?
I guess if they decide to add in a new girl member in the family…it will be fine but definitely won’t be the same…

Love family Outing and hated the news about Ye jin leaving…

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