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Super Junior Sorry Sorry Parody

Just when I thought SJ has ended promoting Sorry Sorry! Some ajhusshis from a supposedly Korean Airline (their venue) made a parody on “Sorry Sorry”. And damn they could dance well! LOL this is really entertaining!

[MV Parody Korean Airline]Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry


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Sorry Sorry sung by 8Eight

Sorry Sorry sing by 8eight

The 8eight practiced Sorry Sorry on their own version to thanks E.L.F for cheering for them during their comeback performances at various music show

I should have cut the end when they sing “I don’t have a heart” but I just leave it there because the song is amazing!


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Been clicking and watching related videos to 8Eight all day – LOL
I like them so much!<3333

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DBSK Rising Sun Parody [Subject: CHANGMIN watches porn xD]

I found another Parody which is WORTH watching…xD

DBSK – Rising Sun Parody

Jae: “We really need to teach him a lesson. Yunho take the videos TAKE THEM AND GO!”
Min: “Yunho, WHYYY!!!”

credit: NekoKaorii @ YT
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puahahaha!!!God!!these guys are geniuses!!This is not from KiSung85…she only got this one…but it is really good!! – LOL
Poor Changmin is the subject…about watching porn…almost died from laughing (okay that was exagerated but IT IS REALLY ENTERTAINING!!

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TVXQ Parodies [fanmade]

Wrong Number Parody

The latest from KiSung85

Xiah: “Plus, I’ll never forget the day I found out my dad and brother are regulars of Changmin”
Max: “I’ll never mention his mom calls too sometimes”

Wah!!Puahahaha!!!it’s really funny…XD Let’s laugh you guys!! – LOL
S/he is a genius huh?It’s just sooo smexy!!!@.@

Purple Line Parody [MY FAVORITE]

haha…This is the coolest for me!!enough said…

Also Try watching:
Mirotic Parody
O Parody

Or For more of these entertaining stuff visit his/her (i think s/he is a SHE but anyway just to not make a mistake and offend someone…^_^) youtube channel

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