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SHINee Greets Spongebob a Happy 10th Birthday!! Cute^^

[111209] SHINee’s 10th Birthday Message to Spongebob @Nickelodeon


LOL. Just the fact that they greeted Spongebob is cute and funny. SHINee hwaiting! Please stay hot at the same time cute, haha ^^

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Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN) Random Beatbox Cuts

I love this guy. He is Amazing!

Nakamaru’s beat box KAT TUN QoP Live


This is one my best among all the videos i watched stalking him. =))

Maru – “the king of human beat box”


A collective video. The first is Violin with Hiromi Goto (plays Canon). Then piano with Ishigaki Daisuke of FIVE. With Koki. Then both Hiromi and Ishigaki. Love the last part! And the way he makes the sound of a car. So effin’  realistic

Cartoon KAT-TUN: Ep. 56: Masi Oka & Nakamaru Yuichi Beatbox


This is awesome! The guest Masi Oka is awesome. I read that “His IQ was 180 when he was a kid, he beatboxes, he acts, he impersonates, he speaks 3 different languages, etc. etc.” like wow!

Maru saying “YATTA!” at 0:25 is cutely funny. LOL

Maru.koki.rag fair Beat box


Love this as well. The fact that it is on-the-spot. The three of them at the end just sounded so good…

SUGOI ne? he’s not the best but he is still awesome ^^

Stalking Nakamaru-san paused for now. I have to sleep. Goodnight!^^

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South Korean HS boys’ Human LCD…Step Up Cheering!!

Well there is no DBSK or Super Junior in this post, though I wanted to share this…It’s so friggin’ awesome!

SOUTH KOREA : High school students cheering for their soccer teams.
The most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). they have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside.

Human LCD


Human LCD : Close Up Video


I found the second vid more awesome than the first but then again…there won’t be a second if there wasn’t a first :P.

Talk about stepping up the traditional cheering of screaming different chants for a certain team or whatever there is to cheer…or even the usual Human LCD using colored cards…this is really awesome! So much time and effort, I guess (and most probably), just to come up with a single word “human lcd style” but gosh…a complicated routine?! Even excellent cheerleaders seem to suck with these guys…lol.

*really amazed* ONION - cheer pompom(–>cute cheerleader but still sucks~rofl)

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08.20.09 Jejung and Micky @ Boy Pop Factory [“Been So Long” cuts]

Wah! The lines...”i’ve been waiting for so long…na-na-na-na-na…with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my strength!…” keep playing on my head ^^.

Here are different fancams on Micky and Jae singing Been So Long on Boy Pop Factory last 20th of August 2009. enjoy as much as i did 😀

If you are biased and undoubtedly a micky-holic…i recommend this fancam concentrated on Micky Yuchun. It features his nice smile and you can indulge in this gorgeous guy throughout the whole 2 minutes and 34 seconds of the vid. (lol at that intro…xD)

{FANCAM} Yoochun focused “been so long” 8/20/09


If, on the other hand, you are loving the most beautiful guy i have ever seen Hero Jaejoong…See to it that you watch this one. It features the sexy and really hot Jejung. (focus on his pinky finger on the mic…so cute!~lol)

[FANCAM]090820 Jaejoong~been So Long@Boy Pop Factory



How come there is only this 2:34 long fancam focused on micky when Jae has those 6min+ vids of the same perf on YT *pouts*…

Oh well, love them both still…They look so so so good and gorgeous here (and as always…yeah!)…I wish somebody had a vid where the two guys are caught together though…

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Kim Heechul Random Cute and Funny Cuts

Still a Birthday special…some of the vids where I got to like this guy ^^

Heechul + Yuri – Eating Cake (Eng. Sub)

From Happy Shares Company…
Yuri: Where do you get your confidence from?
Hee: My face [LOL]

Heechul’s Famous Mistake


I wanted to share this…and say that even though this has happened…i still love you heechul-ah! ^^

2 more vids you shouldn’t miss after cut…

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About 2NE1: Random Cuts

090607 Heechul singing Fire by 2ne1, with shindong


My heechul is hyper again!!

[2NE1] What Song These Artists Are Into Now?


Wow!2NE1 gets attention from so many artists ^^

Well, just wanted to share…


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Random Cuts Random Artists…

Hey! Think I won’t be able to update these following days (but if there is something interesting out there i might)…The lyrics and Oricon pages look pathetic so I’m going to work on them…anyways I’d just share to you some really cool cuts…cool and funny and cute…definitely must watch ^^

First off…
F.T. Island’s Hongki says “She wudda be berry…oh yeah. my head hurts..” *sniffs* as he tries to read an English Book…

Hongki Trying to Speak in English

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is the guest for FO and dances with fellow member Daesung

Family Outing: G-Dragon – Dae sung dance cut.

Last One…
This is a cut from Super Adonis Camp. It’s a eunhae cut!!I love this ever since…to those who haven’t watched this you must! ^^

密 ♥ Super Junior – Cute Kid Donghae

Video Credits:chooorva; xloempiaa; Phanzza@YT

So there you go…I’d be back in a jiffy and hopefully the pages i’ve mentioned won’t look as pathetic as they do now…fighting!!

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Rain – Instead of Saying Goodbye [mp3DL]

Just wanted to share one of my fave perf of Rain
He’s so cute here and i love the song ^^

[RAIN] 020912 KBS Music Bank_Instead of Say Goodbye


Download mp3

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