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random SJ funny cuts

Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Shiwon abuse fitness equipment


SJ funny with cellphones


Marry U [Acapella Ver] – Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Ryeo Wook Feat Shin Dong



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random TVXQ cute & funny cuts

Alright first goes Xiah Junsu singing Teletubbies again
(I think he just loves Teletubbies >.< LOL…that’s okay since he’s as adorable as them right??)
This is strictly a 11 second CUTENESS!!I know you’ll replay it a lot of times like I did…


Second, Junsu slaps Yunho and leader sshi was like – “O!cought you on cam!” and Junsu “Oh no!” LOL


Last one (for now!)…Xiah and Jaejoong singing…now look at Micky singing along at the back while eating!His face is just too adorable and funny…*laughing right now!*


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YooSu random CUTE cuts [PART2]

Saw some more vids of my fave tvxq couple YooSu!!>.<
Oooh!their cuteness!!

YooSu Titanic Version


YooSu dance to Teletubbies


Bonjour Paris – Oh, Champs Elysées


YooSu random FUNNY cuts – The part 1

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tvxq high on helium – CUTENESS!!

cr: Komiku14@ YT

cr: beccary355@YT
Subbing credits to GOE:SS

Ooohh!!GODness!!their cuteness….*screams* THEY ARE SOOOO cute!!!
Just wanted to share to you…^_^
Yunho was hilarious…he was like on drugs – LOL

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Funny EunTeuk @ SUKIRA 03.25.09 [Mirotic-DBSK version]

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk imitating Changmin’s scream & the original

cr: kirraTwELF @ YT

FULL video at Sukira [250309] MIrotic – DBSK

cr: only13suju @ YT

Puahahaha!!!TOO FUNNY!!hahahaha!!!

They’re so adorkable XD especially Leeteuk!!

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul dances to TVXQ songs

Heechul with Shindong dance to “O” of tvxq

cr: massui @ YT

Heechul dance to Rising Sun

cr: anysss @ YT

ROFL Hubby Heechul is always too funny and too cute…

There’s also a part in BOB where he imitates tvxq’s Mirotic…I’ll find sometime to place the vid here…haha

*in love with Heechul +_+*

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YooSu Random FUNNY cuts

cr: heartduty @ YT

cr: lovemickytobits @ YT

alright so the first video is not actually a YooSu moment but it’s still Yoochun and Junsu right?
And admit it, it is funny or more appropriate…”CUTE” – LOL
The 2nd vid…Xiah was like…”why the hell am I doing this?”…the look on his face…XD

Love YooSu >.<

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