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Eternal Bliss!!!Spazz Over Jung Yunho!!

090405 YUNHO – 9095 Live “4th Live Tour The Secret Code”

The title would be justified after the cut…BELIEVE ME…

Minors are strictly prohibited but if you want to take a peek then I can’t stop you…
Enjoy DBSK’s SMEXY leader Jung Yunho!!

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TVXQ Secret Code Booklet [18pics]

Click them for bigger pics ^^

Oh my!hubby‘s got it all wrong with the hair again…but still…normal handsome hair is boring…LOL!

Jae‘s hair is glowing again…love his hair!!





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Xiah Junsu on Wheelchair @ Secret Code Concert

Story of JUNSU’s examination at hospital

TVXQ’s Junsu was brought to outpatient emergency last night. Because I only knew group Tohoshinki from the name not the members, I didn’t notice at all who he was during all the treatment. But another doctor told me, “He’s Tohoshinki’s member,” and I was like, “Oh! really?” in surprise.

The member (T/N: Junsu) requested to me in much hope, “The other hospital diagnosed it as sprains, but please take a test of it, just in case.”

So an X-Ray test was held. We found sprains, and didn’t see any fracture lines.

The member said from his wheelchair, “I got hurt from yesterday rehearsal,”. Thus from his story, we only suggested him to take rest as his healing treatment.

Maybe I’ll be really nosy to give comment as I don’t know much about Tohoshinki, but from his words, he seemed to be very worried about the fans. I hope you’ll be back well soon.

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TVXQ bus





originally, i wasn’t planning to post this here…but then I saw the Chinese Comprehension Book of tvxq and thought about this one.
it’s like tvxq’s everywhere – LOL
Maybe next time we’ll be seeing official tvxq notebooks, ballpens and other goodies…hehe
and i bet Cassies would be more than glad to buy them…^_^


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Tohoshinki’s The Secret Code 4th in United World Chart

Source: here + ONTD
Credits: petiteun @ dbsg LJ comm

OMOO!!!4th in the world!!!oh my god!tohoshinki fighting!!@.@


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decode tvxq song 9095 reversed [re-post]

I’m deleting my 2nd multiply account because I can’t maintain it anymore T_T and I decided to put my fave blog entries here…hehe


Apparently, some people in soompi have been trying to figure out if there is a hidden code in the album itself!
I must say, they really go all out to find it huh!
In the video above, it’s a cut part of the song ‘9095′ in reverse and it has a meaning of “someone like you will not be able to hear what i’ve said”
There’s only one thing i can say, AMAZING!
Not to the boys, but to those who actually, took their time to figure all these out!

vid credits: kpluvie for the slower version + tflavor on pic + gelliegellie
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Another note from this:

Apparently, tenoutoften manage to discover Korean in “9095″ at the very end of 9095 (3:36 – 3:40),
“Jaejoong was speaking, and it sounds reversed.
I reversed it back, and I think it’s…Korean? But a) that would be very out of place, I have no clue, and c) dare not ask my mother.”
And so, leebbeunee solved the mystery with:
“ok, so my roommate wins (her roommate guessed the correct meaning):
“너 같은 건, 내 얘기를 들을 수 없어”
Something like you can’t listen to my story -> Somebody like you can’t to listen to me.”

credits: tvxqfever @blogger
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

copied everything >.<

Dang! Yeah it is amazing how people can decode such things…
But isn’t it a little bit creepy too??-_-


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Tohoshinki’s ORICON Sales Record for The Secret Code

Popular group Tohoshinki finally cracked the highest sales record ever since their career in Japan. Tohoshinki’s 4th album launched on March 25th, “The Secret Code” recorded first day sales 82,891 copies, and the next day on March 26th was sold 30,620 copies, thus the accumulation in 2 days straight is around 110,000 copies, placing them on the 2nd in ORICON album chart.

Tohoshinki made their highest first week sales record which is definitely their best result so far.

Meanwhile, Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album “NEXT LEVEL” was sold for 48,318 in the 26th, placed her on 1st in two consecutive days in ORICON album chart.

Many fans of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki were wishing for over 150k sales in the first week for their latest Japanese Album, The Secret Code. Well your wishes have been fulfilled because the boys have officially accomplished this. TVXQ was ranked number 2 on the Oricon Weekly Sales chart with a tally of 157,954 units sold. The Queen of JPOP Ayumi Hamasaki was first with 240,810 units sold. Hopefully, one day in the near future TVXQ can get to that mark. Congratulations to TVXQ and continue FIGHTING. Thanks to Jaejin for the tip.

GhostWriter @ allkpop

trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
credit: sharingyoochun@wordpress+BDSKer@blogspot

Yay!!tohoshinki fighting!!!

This is amazing considering they are Korean and Japanese are known for their patriotism [implies them patronizing their own artist as well?] yet they welcome our dear tvxq to their country…^_^

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