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Miryo and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny release “I Love You, I Love You”

On February 10th, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo unveiled a special surprise for her fans!

The rapper teamed up with Girls’ Generation member Sunny for a track in her album called “I Love You, I Love You“. The lyrics in the song express a girl’s regret over pushing her lover away because of her anger and pride. She holds onto the memories, but eventually realizes that she has to let him (and them) go.

I love this! I think a lot of girls would be able to relate to the message of the song. Well, I can’t comment if the song is well-written but the sound of the whole rapping and singing is pretty awesome. I found myself LSSed with the chorus in an instant! Both girls are looking great too! Check this out’s a very good collaboration.

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SNSD Forgives Netizens for Uploading Their Fake Nude Pictures

It looks like SNSD has been caught in a little incident, and it wasn’t even their fault.

Nude pictures of SNSD members have been appearing on the internet, but they weren’t exactly pictures of the members themselves. In fact, they were photos that had been photoshopped to seem real.

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MV Collection II [Tae Hwa, SNSD, F(x), T-Ara & Supernova ]

Please click keap reading. This post is cut to minimize bandwidth.


MV Downloads in this post:

Zin Tae Hwa (Battle) – Fallen Angel MV
SNSD – Chocolate Love MV
f(x) – Chocolate Love MV
T-Ara & Supernova – TTL (Time to Love) [Original]
T-Ara & Supernova – TTL (Time to Love) Listen 2 MV

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Always Keep the Faith Statement Shirts [Philippines Only]

Exclusive in the Philippines only. This is the project of a Filipina Cassie and I don’t think she accepts orders from other countries. Not that big time yet >_<  But the effort is cool! ^^

DBSK statement shirts which basically have “Aways Keep the Faith [text]” on them. I don’t know whether they come in just white or if you may request for other color (besides it the statement that matters right?). And the price..please just transact HERE


Other statement shirts which include SNSD, Super Junior, Wonder Girls and Big Bang just check them out here or better yet explore the site xD

I am not in any way the proprietor of that wonderful site. The owner of that site doesn’t know that i am promoting these products here (and I hope she doesn’t mid T.T). I just found these statement shirts touching (at least for all Cassies out there in the philippines) so I decided to share them here.

DBSK Fighting! We are always keeping the faith ^^

Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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SNSD Comes Back Winning On Music Bank


SNSD / Girls’ Generation is back with their song “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” after giving a A+ performance on Music Bank (June 26, 2009).

Dressed in the uniforms seen from their MV, the girls put on one hot performance. Their dancing seems to be insync minus a few parts but overall very good, the same can be said for their their vocals. However, the girls haven’t given us much more in terms of choreography than the MV did. But it doesn’t matter because I’m sure after this performance the girls have got what it takes to do even better then they did earlier in the year with “Gee“. Listen to the crowd, they are already in love with the new song – definitely a good sign and a good start to their comeback.

As a bonus tonight the girls also won the award for the best-selling song in the first half of the year with their hit “Gee“.

Girls Generation(SNSD) – Tell Me Your Wish(Jun 26, 2009)

The Winner is SNSD(K-Chart Accounts for the first half year 2009)


*i just copied everything…
Credits: LOLcakes@allkpop


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SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” Released!![vid;mp3DL;Lyrics]

snsd genie


DL links & lyrics after cut

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TVXQ, SNSD, Super Junior Advertise Tourism In Seoul

South Korea’s Seoul Dream Series has recently launched a series of CF advertising tourism in Seoul

Super Junior in Beijing

TVXQ in Shanghai

TVXQ: Infinitely your, Seoul

TVXQ, SNSD, SJ: Infinitely yours, Seoul

Video Cr: seouldreamseries@YT

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SJ and SNSD, First Idols to Appear on MBC “Music Trip Lalala”


Popular groups, SNSD and Super Junior became the first idol groups to appear on MBC ‘Music Trip Lalala’.

SNSD Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sunny, and Tiffany as well as Super Junior finished recording ‘Lalala’ on the 3rd.

Kim Changwan, who is part of the group, Sanwoollim, hosts ‘Lalala’ which is mostly a live performance music program for currently promoting main and non-mainstream groups to sing their songs. Since this program is based on an honest talk with live performance, idol groups have never appeared on the show once from the first time it aired in November and until now.

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