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SS501 To Have First Asia Concert Tour!!

Just like Super Junior of SM Entertainment, SS501 from DSP Entertainment will also be embarking on their 1st concert tour in Asia called Persona. After the release of their 2nd full-length album at the end of July, the boys will begin the first leg of their concert tour in Seoul on 1st August. From there, they will be flying to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, etc for their concert tour until the end of the year.

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A Very Happy Birthday to Kim Hyun Joong <333

Happy Birthday to gorgeous leadersshi of SS501 ^^

Kim Hyun Joong

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SS501 Filming for MNet Mini Drama?? [11pics]

Pictures of SS501 filming for a yet unnamed MNet mini drama / MV has been leaked on the internet.

It’s been a while since SS501 released a new music video. For the most part of the year, the group was divided with their own individual projects. Pictures from the set of their latest music video has been released and things are looking epic. SS501’s new music video will be a 20-minute drama MV featuring an elaborate story line with Hyunjoong and Kyujong playing assassins.

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SS501 Jumps From One Country to Another

ss501gOn May 30th, SS501 plans to travel to Hawaii and spend a week there… not for a vacation, but to attend a fan meeting event and hold some promotions. After their stay in Hawaii they plan to come back to Korea for a few days before heading off to Thailand on June 4th. Again, for fan meeting and promotions. After Thailand they’ll come back to Korea and then in July they’ll be off to Hong Kong and Taiwan to promote their concerts there which will be held in September and October. After that they’ll be head to Japan to promote their Japanese album release. They’ll also hold a concert in Japan on August 13th.

No rest, they just got back from LA and there’s no downtime for them. Not too long ago, SS501 served their fans on an airplane as crew members. It looks like they’ll have to get used to spending a lot of time in the airplane. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off for them.

Hope it doens’t take its toll on their health. Keep healthy you guys! SS501 Fighting!!

SOURCE: allkpop

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Kim Hyun Joong, “I really dislike Yoon Ji Hoo’s way of speaking”

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong was on KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on 9th May where he revealed about how he dislike talking like his character Yoon Ji Hoon in the drama Boys Over Flowers.

He said on the show, “What I dislike most is Yoon Ji Hoo’s way of speaking. He speaks with so much reservations and shame.” In the show, Kim Hyun Joong had to deliver lines like ‘If there is the blue sky and wind, I can go anywhere’ etc.

He went on, “I agree that Yoon Ji Hoo has so much money, and he works out well. And I will want to be like him in these ways,”


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SS501 Act as Stewards on Fanmeeting @ Jeju Island


The SS501 boys met their fans for a fanmeeting in Jeju Island. But what made this special fanmeeting in Jeju more special? The Boys of SS501 acted as the steward in the flight to Jeju Island. The flight are full of anticipating fans from all over asia. From the group fans from Korea they are joined by fans from the neighboring country like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

This is a unique fanmeet that gives the fangirls what they really wanted as a fan…an interaction with their idols. This gave the fans chance to meet and face their idol at a close distance. This for sure gave the fans more hope of becoming close to their idols.

Their management company ineed made a milestone of thinking of a fanmeet that can nurture the love of the fans more. Hope other management company can do such activity too…but of course priviledge fans can enjoy this. How saddening…you spent a lot of money for supporting them and meeting or seeing them in person will make their cash register bling some more!

Enjoy your steward guys!

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SS501 fly to America for 2nd album preparation but scared of Swine Flu


Male group SS501 will be flying to America for the preparation of their upcoming 2nd album on 6th May.

They will be staying there for about 10 days to film their 2nd album jacket and also to record for their 2nd album. They will also be attending cultural events for South Koreans living in America during their visit there.

Kim Hyung Joon who recently met with some reporters said, “We will go to America on the 6th. We will film for our album jacket, we will also be meeting and having exchange with music producers in America.”

“But after hearing about the influenza A type, swine flu, going on in America, we are a little afraid about it. We will work hard to bring to fans new and better music to fans through what we have learnt there.”


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