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Taeyang’s Wedding Dress [vid&mp3DL+Lyrics]

TaeYang (태양) – Wedding Dress (웨딩드레스) Official MV


Links and Lyrics after cut ^^

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MV Collection I [SHINee, Taeyang, Wheesung, JQT, 4Tomorrow, Secret]

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MV Downloads in this post:

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong MV
Taeyang – Where U At MV
Wheesung – Trickling MV
JQT – I Fell for You MV
4Tomorrow – TomorrowMV
Secret- I Want You Back MV

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Taeyang’s New Single ‘Where U At’ to be Released!


There have been news that Big Bang’s Taeyang will release a full-length album by October. On the 24th, YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated on YGE’s homepage :

“Around mid month in October, we will release digitally, TaeYang’s new single “WHERE U AT,” and Music Video first. As for the full album, we have not decided on the release date yet. In addition, TaeYang’s first mini-album promotions were very short, so this time around, for his first full album, we are working on ways to allow TaeYang to promote for a long time.”

Yang Hyun Suk also stated that in the first week of December, G-Dragon will hold a 2 day solo concert at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

Source: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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After G-Dragon’s Solo Album Comes Taeyang’s Full-Length Solo Album


Big Bang TaeYang will release a full-length album for his next solo single album.

Yang HyunSeok representative of YG Entertainment said in an recent interview, “We have produced many songs for the full length album.”

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SNSD’s Yoona Is Star With the Most Seductive Eyes!

SNSD’s deer Yoona was voted the star with the most seductive eyes. SNSD’s Tiffany was also voted in the top 10, she placed 4th. Other stars such as Tae Yang (Big Bang) and Xiah Jun Su (TVXQ) landed in the top 3 too.

Taeyang baby is #2…^___^

1. Yoon Ah ( So nyeo shi dae )
2. Tae Yang ( Big Bang )
3. Xiah Kim Joon-Soo ( Dong bang shin ki )
4. Tiffany ( So nyeo shi dae )
5. Daesung ( Big Bang )
6. Nich Khun ( 2PM )
7. Sun Ye ( Wonder Girls )
8. Kang In ( Super junior )
9. TaeMiN ( Shinee )
10. Jo Kwon ( 2AM )

Source: BBTH / chicgalz @ TAEMIN-THAILAND
Credit: + SSF

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Big Bang 2% Water CFs

Big Bang is endorsing 2% water, and they’re doing a CF base on the concept of bloodtype.

Tabi is bloodtype B, also the playa, he gets close to the girl… about to kiss her? no… smudge her lips hahaha then pushed Baby out of the way kakak he said “Love is a game”

TOP: Type B 2% CF (15s)

Bong and Baby are both bloodtype A, so they’re in this together, with Bong being all depressed while Baby is being cute, so I think it’s about Bong loving his friend’s girl. aww…

GD & SeungRi: Type A 2% CF (15s)

Bae is bloodtype B, the cold hearted one, leave the girl just like that.

TaeYang: Type AB 2% CF (15s)

Dae is bloodtype O (my bloodtype) the cute one, then he start to cry…OMOO!!! Love Daesung!! <333
Though all of them are so cool, this is my favorite…He’s like trying to smile but really sad… 😥

DaeSung: Type O 2% CF (15s)


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Vietnam is Also in Big Bang Syndrome!

GD: Hey yo!you guys! We’re becoming popular in Vietnam…with that let’s CELEBRAAATTE!!!!
Taeyang, Daesung, TOP: YEAAAAAHH!!!!!!!Banzaiii!!!!

SeungRi:…Hyungs forgot I’m too young to drink…Again…


Korea’s most popular idol group Big bang has conquered many foreign countries, not only in Asia such as Japan, Thailand… but also very popular in the States…Now Vietnam is also in the BIGBANG syndrome.

The five young boys have made it big in Vietnam after setting an incredible record of 12 consecutive weeks topping the weekly music chart of  iTV, an interactive music channel where fans cote through SMS for their favorite songs to be aired. Big bang’s greatest hit Day by Day has topped the international chart for nearly 12 months, surpassing many other great songs by TVXQ, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SNSD, SS501…Currently, three other songs by Big Bang: G-Dragon’s This love, A Fool’s only tears and Taeyang’s Prayer are in TOP 10. Some other hits such as Lies are Number 1 also used to be on TOP 5.

Big Bang hasn’t released any CDs and hasn’t visited this country yet but they are now everywhere in Vietnam. No schoolgirls don’t know Big Bang. Their stickers, posters and magazine pictures are all sold-out items. The five boys G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung and Seungri are really the kings on their peak of popularity in Vietnam.

Taken from: xo_Cherish_xo blogspot
Translated by: shinhdeplol @ soompi or Pinkish @ soompi

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