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A Micky Yoochun Birthday Special (Part 3:YooSu<333;JaeChun too?) [13pics]

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^Chunnie already getting hungry >_<

Micky: Jae hyung, i’m already hungry and it’s just part 3…could you give me some??

Me: puahahaha!!!Jae oppa won’t give you anything!! you have to bear with me!!
C’mon now this is interesting…about you and Junsu-ah…*faces junsu* right oppa??

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Micky: Wifey!?!’s not what you think!!I was only…
I was hungry…wasn’t…was not doing anything with Jae!

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YooSu random CUTE cuts [PART2]

Saw some more vids of my fave tvxq couple YooSu!!>.<
Oooh!their cuteness!!

YooSu Titanic Version


YooSu dance to Teletubbies


Bonjour Paris – Oh, Champs Elysées


YooSu random FUNNY cuts – The part 1

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YooSu Random FUNNY cuts

cr: heartduty @ YT

cr: lovemickytobits @ YT

alright so the first video is not actually a YooSu moment but it’s still Yoochun and Junsu right?
And admit it, it is funny or more appropriate…”CUTE” – LOL
The 2nd vid…Xiah was like…”why the hell am I doing this?”…the look on his face…XD

Love YooSu >.<

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