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Aragaki Yui And Nishikido Ryo Collaborates For “Zenkai Girl”

Aragaki Yui will have her first starring role in Fuji TV’s new drama series alongside NEWS and Kanjani8 member Nishikido Ryo; a lighthearted comedy romance currently titled “Zenkai Girl” (“Full On Girl”).

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Yui Aragaki in New York for movie “Hanamizuki” [6pics]

Actress Aragaki Yui (21) is currently in New York to film for her new movie “Hanamizuki”. In March she and costar Ikuta Toma (25) went to Hokkaido and finished all the domestic scenes for the movie. Now Gakky had to fly overseas by herself to film a couple more scenes in North America, but instead of feeling lonely she showed complete devotion.

The movie is based on Hitoto You’s famous song “Hanamizuki” and filming already started back in September. Hanamizuki tells the story of a couple that has been in love with each other for more than 10 years despite all their discrepancies. It’s a love story made by the team that already made movies such as “Koizora” and “Nada Soso”. Aragaki plays the protagonist Sae who starts out as an ordinary high school girl and ends up being a successful career woman working overseas. She is going to transform from a young girl to an adult woman.

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Yui Aragaki to Sing With 3000 Teenagers for Sony Walkman’s “Play You”

As part of a project for the Sony Walkman sales campaign ‘Play You.’, the actress Aragaki Yui will form a giant vocal group.

The project is titled ‘歌え、10代。/ Utae, 10-dai. [lit. ‘Sing, Teenagers‘]’. It aims to encourage and support teenagers through music so that they can eventually carve out their own unique lives.

Aragaki Yui will invite 3000 middle/high school students to sing with her ‘小さな恋のうた / Chisana Koi no Uta [lit. ‘Little Song of Love’]’ written by the three-man rock band MONGOL800. The 3000 students and Aragaki will appear in an event held on November 7th in Tokyo.Aragaki sent the following message. “Songs give you strength just by listening, and if you sing out loud you’ll become even stronger. So when all 3000 of us sing together, we will be able to create tremendous amounts of power. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.”

After downloading a mini-application in the ‘Play You.’ website anyone can practice alongside Aragaki’s singing. One of the most popular actresses currently around combined with the power of young people will most likely result in a tremendous event.

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