New Boy Group Boyfriend Finally Unleashed! Album & MV Released!

Netizens have been talking about Starship Entertainment’s new boy group Boyfriend and finally their first mini-album has been released. On top of that is the release of the music video for their debut song “Boyfriend”!

check out the video and album download after cut 🙂

Oh my God! I think this is really cute. It sounds so refreshing. THEY look refreshing.

I think we need more of these kinds since almost all the idols are now switching to the “hot” or “sexy” idol image. Although I don’t object with those concepts because they are hot and I spazz over that..haha. I just saw through the whole video and it was fun, young, cute, and boyfriend-material..ah yeah :))

I’m a fan ❤

1st Mini-album – Boyfriend tracklist
01. Let’s Get It Started
02. Boy Friend
03. You & I
04. Boy Friend (Inst.)
05. You & I (Inst.)


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