Epik High

Vol.7 Epilogue

Release Date: 2010-03-10
Language: Korean
Publisher: Mnet Media


01 서랍 (Drawers)
02 Run
03 바보 (Fool) feat. Bumkey
04 Wordkill
05 Blossom
06 비늘 (Scales) feat. Yankie
07 잡음 (Noise)
08 Coffee feat. 성아
09 Over
10 숲 (Forest)

*CHECK THIS ALBUM OUT! RECOMMENDED! love love love tracks 2, 8 & 9 =D

epik high - Vol.6 [e] cover
Vol.6 [e]

Release Date: 2009-09-17
Language: Korean
Other Information: 2CDs + Mini Book
Publisher: Mnet Media

DISC1 TRACKLIST: [e]motion
01. Oceans. Sand. Trees
02. Slow Motion
03. 선물 (ft. 박지윤)
04. No More Christmas
05. Maze (ft. Dumbfoundead, MYK)
06. 통기타 (Skit)
07. 트로트
08. Emologue
09. Excuses (ft. MYK)
10. Moonwalker
11. Breathe (Mithra’s Word) (ft. 한희정)
12. Happy Birthday to Me (ft. 하동균)
13. Heaven (ft. MYK)
14. Owls. Shadows. Tears.
15. [BONUS] Slow [e] Motion
Part 1 | Part 2

01. Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables. (ft. MYK)
02. Still Here (ft. Dok2)
03. Sensitive Thug (Skit)
04. 따라해 (Wannabe) (ft. Mellow)
05. Rocksteady (ft. Kero One, Dumbfoundead, MYK, Rakka (Dilated Peoples))
06. Madonna (ft. Mellow)
07. 말로맨
08. Shopaholic
09. Supreme 100
10. High Technology
11. Rocksteady (Korean Version) (ft. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino)
12. High Skool Dropout (반항하지 마)
13. 흉 (ft. MYK, YDG, Dok2)
14. Lesson 4 (Tablo’s Word)
15. Organs. Screams. Televisions.
Part 1 | Part 2

Epik High - LovescreamLovescream [EP]

Release Date: 2008-10-02
Language: Korean
Publisher: Mnet Media

Lovescream (2008) is a music gift for those in love, searching for love, or in the aftermath of love. This work expresses various love stories with a warm classical sound and undecorated lyrics that speak simply and sincerely from the heart. As usual, all of the musical writing, composition, and arrangement was done by the members; furthermore, even the album cover and booklet were personally directed, making [Lovescream] the perfect handmade gift for fans all over the world.

Download EP Here

01 Butterfly Effect
02 Fallin’
03 Harajuku Days
04 습관 (Habit)
05 쉿 (Shh)
06 1분 1초 (1 Minute, 1 Second)
07 1825 (Paper Cranes)

Vol.5 Pieces part one album coverVol. 5 – Pieces, Part One

Release Date: 2008-04-21
Language: Korean
Publisher: Mnet Media

Epik High‘s fifth full-length album Pieces, Part One (2008). This work, which again topped the charts and swept the year-end awards, is a portfolio of Epik High’s diverse style. As the title implies, the songs on this album attempt to metaphorically express the many pieces of a broken heart, offering solace to a world that is ridden with depression and suicide. With a musical spectrum that weaves hip hop, trance, lounge, rock, and classical together, this album exhibits a fresh and unorthodox sound with sophisticated lyrics that dig deep into the soul of anyone who is battling depression.

Download Full Abum

01 Be
02 Breakdown
03 서울, 1:13 AM (Seoul, 1:13 AM)
04 One (Feat. Jisun of Loveholic)
05 연필깎이 (Pencil Sharpener) (Feat. Kebee)
06 Girl (Feat. 진보 – Jinbo)
07 Slave (short piece) (Feat. David Lee)
08 The Future (Feat. Yankie of TBNY)
09 20 Fingers (short piece) (Feat. DJ Friz)
10 Ignition (Feat. 나윤권 – Na Yoon-Kwon)
11 Eight by Eight (Feat. Dynamic Duo, dok2, double K, TBNY)
12 Décalcomanie
13 Icarus Walks (short piece)
14 낙화 (落花) (The Falling Flower)
15 우산 (Umbrella) (Feat. 윤하 – Younha)
16 당신의 조각들 (Your Pieces) (Feat. 지선’ – Jisun)
17 . B-side 01 : Breakdown (supreme mix)
18 . B-side 02 : One (planet shiver remix)

Vol.4 Remapping the Human Soul album coverVol. 4 – Remapping the Human Soul

Release Date: 2007-01-25
Language: Korean
Publisher: CJ Music

Epik High’s fourth album Remapping the Human Soul (2007). This album, like the one before it, hit number one on all charts immediately upon release, eventually sweeping the top honors at every year-end award ceremony. They broke their own sales record, surpassing [Swan Songs] and establishing this album as the most successful hip hop album in Korean history to date. With 27 new tracks, the album is divided into two CDs: the first CD is called ‘The Brain’ and contains golden age hip hop with socially conscious lyrics; the second CD is called ‘The Heart’ and contains genre-breaking music with emotionally driven lyrics. [Remapping the Human Soul] was received with enormous critical praise, establishing it as one of the greatest albums in Korea’s music history.

Disc1 TRACKLIST – The Brain
01 . The End Times (연주곡)
02 . 白夜 (White Night)
03 . 알고 보니
04 . 실어증 (Aphasia)
05 . Mr. Doctor
06 . Runaway (Mithra’s Word)
07 . Exile (연주곡)
08 . Still Life
09 . 피해망상 pt. 1 (Delusion of Persecution Pt.1)
10 . 희생양 (Scapegoat)
11 . Nocturne (Tablo’s Word)
12 . 혼 (Soul)
13 . In Peace (연주곡)
Download CD1

Disc2 TRACKLIST – The Heart
01 . Slave Song
02 . Flow
03 . love/crime
04 . Fan
05 . 거미줄 (Spider Web)
06 . 선곡표 (Tracklist)
07 . 중독 (Addiction)
08 . Underground Railroad
09 . FAQ
10 . Love Love Love
11 . Girl Rock
12 . Broken Toys
13 . 행복합니다 (I’m Happy)
14 . Public Execution
Download CD2

epik high - vol.3 cover
Vol.3 – Swan Songs

Release Date: 2005-10-06
Language: Korean
Publisher: CJ Music

A ‘swan song’, which is the most beautiful sound a swan makes just before death, usually refers to an artist’s final and greatest work. Swan Songs (2005) was originally intended to be Epik High‘s last work. When it was released, it hit number one on all charts, swept the year-end hip hop awards, and set a record as the most successful hip hop album in Korea’s music history. At this point Epik High emerged as the top music group in Korea, garnering unanimous praise from both music critics and the mainstream public. With 16 tracks in total that fuse together hip hop, electronica, rock, and jazz, this album showcases the increasingly progressive sound that is Epik High.

Download Album

1. Innisfree (Intro)
2. Yesterday featuring 고영준 of Brown Eyed Soul
3. Lesson 3 (MC)
4. Fly featuring Amin. J of Soulciety
5. Funkdamental featuring unknownDJs
6. 그녀는 몰라 featuring MYK
7. Ride featuring L. Wan
8. 이별, 만남… 그 중점에서 featuring Alex of Clazziquai
9. The Epikurean (Intermission)
10. Paris featuring Jisun of Loveholic
11. Let it Rain featuring jw of Nell
12. 도시가 눈을 감지 않는 이유 featuring 이정, Infinite Flow
13. Follow the Flow featuring MYK, D-Tox
14. Swan Song featuring TBNY
15. Goodbye (Outro)
16. Bone Us: Elements featuring DJ Wreckx, MYK

epik high - vol.2 cover
Vol.2 – High Society

Release Date: 2004-07-26
Language: Korean
Publisher: CJ Music

Epik High‘s second album High Society (2004). This album, which criticizes the corrupt ‘rulers’ of society and defends the victims of their oppression, caused an enormous critical storm upon release. The original title track ‘Lesson 2’, with lyrics that chastise the government, was banned from all broadcasting networks; ironically, its replacement single ‘Peace Day’ became a hit song, skyrocketing Epik High into the center of the mainstream music scene. Musically, with ventures into electronica and rock, this album was not only ahead of its time, it marked the breaking point of conventional hip hop in Korea.

Download Album

1. 신사들의 산책 (Good Morning)
2. High Skool
3. 평화의 날
4. The Sunrise (Interlude)
5. Lesson 2 (The Sunset)
6. My Ghetto featuring 김연우
7. The Basics featuring unknownDJs
8. 신사들의 절약정신 (Good Afternoon)
9. Lady (High Society)
10. 피해망상 pt. 3 featuring TBNY
11. 11월 1일 featuring WANTED
12. 뚜뚜루
13. 혼자라도 featuring Clazziquai
14. Daydream (사직서)
15. Open M.I.C. featuring 은지원, TBNY, Tweak, Dynamic Duo
16. 뒷담화
17. 신사들의 몰락 (Good Evening)

Epik high - vol.1 cover
Vol.1 – Map of the Human Soul

Release Date: 2003-10-22
Language: Korean
Publisher: CJ Music

Epik High‘s debut album Map of the Human Soul (2003) is largely regarded as the Korean hip hop classic. Co-produced by Epik High, J-Win (Dyno-Soul) and Choiza and Gaeko of CB Mass (now Dynamic Duo), this album, with its rich sound and poetic lyrics, marked the birth of artistically progressive Korean hip hop. With 14 tracks in total, and with guest appearances by Korea’s top MCs and vocalists, this is a work that exemplifies musical excellence and tradition.

Download Album

1. Go
2. 풍파 featuring 한상원
3. I Remember featuring Kensie
4. 하늘에게 물어봐 featuring Dynamic Duo
5. 10년 뒤에 featuring Leeds
6. Lesson One
7. 그녀가 불쌍해 featuring Lyn
8. Street Lovin’ featuring Joosuc
9. Love Song featuring 박성웅
10. 고독恨사랑
11. Free Love
12. Get High
13. 유서 featuring TBNY
14. 막을 내리며 (Dedication)
15. Watch Yaself featuring Digiri, Yankie, Double K

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