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Alice Nine & Tohoshinki to Release Greatest Hits Albums in 2010!

On December 16th Alice Nine held their last concert for 2009. During the 3 hour long event they performed songs from the band’s early years and their brand new tracks too.

During the live performance Alice Nine announced that they will release their greatest hits album ‘Alice Nine Complete Collection 2006-2009’ on March 24th. They also mentioned that from March 22nd they will embark on a tour around 8 cities. Both announcements were met with shrieks of excitement from the crowds. All 8 performances will be held in small-size venues, so tickets will surely run out quickly.

Also, Tohoshinki releases their first best album on February 17th next year. Album will be in 3 versions: 2 CDs & DVD, 1CD & DVD and just CD.

This best album includes 16 songs from “Purple Line” which they became 1st in olicon weekly chart for the first time to “Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Simattann daro” which was chosen as best song prize at The 50th Japan Record Awards.

With the 2 CD version, additional CD with 8 songs contains “Amaku Hateshinaku” which was delivered as digital single in September and was played in the commercial messege of candy tablet called “Pinky” which Tohoshinki appered. And The DVD includes 70 minutes of live in 2006-2009. With the booklet having treasured photos.

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Big Bang Upcoming COncerts in 2010!!!

In late January of 2010, Big Bang is planning a concert in Korea titled 2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show. In February they plan on something special for Japan as well.

2010 Big Bang Concert Big Show” will be held on January 29th, 30th and 31st of 2010 in Seoul Olympic Stadium. This concert will be all the more special for the Korean fans because Big Bang has spent a lot of time in Japan these days for their Japanese promotions. Now they are back to please their motherland fans and show them some new group and solo material.

YG Entertainment said, “Whenever it’s the end of the year or the beginning of the year, people expect a “Big Show” so we are preparing a excellent quality concert. The 2010 Big Show will have the best stage, sound and performances and beat out the 2009 Big Show.”

The tickets go on sale starting the 28th!

Meanwhile, recently Big Bang’s Official Japanese Homepage posted information stating that Big Bang will have four concerts in Japan titled, Electric Love Tour 2010. Details of the 4 concerts:

February 10th | Yokohama Arena | 6:00 – 7:00 PM | S ¥8000 (around $90) / A ¥7000 (around $80)

February 11th | Yokohama Arena | 5:00 – 6:00 PM | S ¥8000 (around $90) / A ¥7000 (around $80)

February 13th | Kobe World Kinen Hall | 5:00 – 6:00 PM | ¥8000 (around $90)

February 16th | Budokan | 6:00 – 7:00 PM | ¥8000 (around $90)

With concerts in Korea and Japan in early 2010, looks like Big Bang is going to be busy. What about an asia tour BB?How about it? Go to the Philippines! *dreams away*

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YUI To Write Song Based On “Attack Pledge”

On October 7th YUI released her new single ‘It’s all too much / Never say die’ and it became No.1 on the Oricon Singles Ranking. Now YUI announced that she will start working on her next song. The new track will be part of a campaign to encourage high school students who are taking correspondence course programs. Students make oaths stating that they will constantly try to reach new heights for their future. The ‘attack pledges’ will be sent to YUI, and with those oaths in mind YUI will write a song to show support for those students.

YUI commented about the song, and also cheered on the students. “The song will become a reminder for both you and me to never forget our roots, our initial aggressiveness. Everyone goes through harsh and hard times, and it might seem easier to just give up. But I became what I am now today by facing and fighting those feelings. I sincerely encourage you to do the same. Let’s continue our drive forward!”

YUI is planning to finish writing the song by January 2010 (no schedules for the song’s release have been announced). The song will then be used in TV commercials for ‘進研ゼミ高校講座 / Shinken Zemi High School Course’ [correspondence course program] from January 2010. From among the students who sent ‘attack pledges’ 30,000 winners will get to download the truetone version of the song for free.

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Buzzer Beat Scoops Multiple Drama Awards; Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Defeats SMAP Members To Win Best Actor

With the new season well on its way, it’s time to announce the results from last season’s dramas.
Fuji TV’s Getsu 9 drama ‘Buzzer Beat’, starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko took in numerous awards, including the Best Drama Award from Nikkan Sports’ 13th Summer Drama Grand Prix and The Television Magazine’s 62th Drama Academy. After his bout of public indecency earlier in the year, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi seemed to have redeemed himself with ‘Ninkyo Helper’. He beat out fellow SMAP member Kimura Takuya and Katori Shingo to win the Best Actor award.

‘Buzzer Beat’ won four awards from Nikkan Sports’ 13th Drama Grand Prix, including Best Drama, Best Actor and Actress Awards for Yamashita and Kitagawa and Best Supporting Actress for Kanjiya Shihori. In second and third place for the Best Drama category were ‘Orthros no Inu’ starring Nishikido Ryo and ‘Ninkyo Helper’ starring Kusanagi. All three dramas had artistes from Johnny’s Entertainment.

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Gackt Gackt Does Another “Kamen Rider” Theme “Stay the Decade Alive”

Gackt has already provided two theme songs for the “Kamen Rider” franchise, and now he is doing another one for the next movie. His new song “Stay the Decade Alive” will be used in “Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Double & Decade Movie Taisen 2010,” which opens in theaters on December 12.

Gackt’s “Journey through the Decade,” released in March, was his first “Kamen Rider” tie-in as the theme song to the television series “Kamen Rider Decade.” He followed that up in August with “The Next Decade,” used in the movie “Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker.” He also appeared in that film as a character named Riderman.

“Stay the Decade Alive” is his third tie-in single, set for release on January 1, 2010. It will be sold in the typical CD and CD+DVD editions, plus a limited memorial edition that contains two DVDs and a special booklet with words from Gackt on the “Kamen Rider Decade” series.

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BoA to Release Winter Single “まもりたい White Wishes”

According to BoA‘s announcement on a surprise appearance on the Japanese Game Show, news of a new winter single titled “まもりたい White Wishes” has been stated by BoA. Following other hit winter singles such as Merry Chri and Winter Love, White Wishes raises much anticipation for eager fans for its December release. The ringtone for the song will be released a bit earlier in late October. It is also said to become the theme song of the popular RPG Video game “Tales of Graces”.

BoA’s latest single ‘BUMP BUMP feat. VERBAL(m-flo)’ will be released on October 28, 2009. The included DVD will contain a music video with never before seen dance skills which will surely blow your mind!

News on BoA’s X-mas Live have also been released. Here is the schedule for the live tour!

12/4(Friday) Tokyo International Forum Hall – 17:30/18:30
12/5(Saturday) Tokyo International Forum Hall 16:00/17:00
12/8(Tuesday) Osaka International Meeting Hall 17:45/18:30

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Arashi to Release New Single “My Girl”

After ruling the Oricon charts with their explosive best-of album 5×10 All the BEST! 1999-2009, popular idol group Arashi have a new single scheduled to come out on November 11th.

Described as a love song, My Girl has been chosen to be used as the theme song for a drama with of same title, which began airing on the 9th of this month. The b-side of the single, Tokei jikake no Umbrella will also be a part of a different drama, this time for Fuji TV’s “0 Goushitsu no kyaku”, which will begin airing on October 23rd.

The single will be released in both limited and regular editions. The limited one will come with a DVD including the PV of My Girl, while the regular version will come with a third track and the instrumental counterparts to all three songs.

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Yui Aragaki to Sing With 3000 Teenagers for Sony Walkman’s “Play You”

As part of a project for the Sony Walkman sales campaign ‘Play You.’, the actress Aragaki Yui will form a giant vocal group.

The project is titled ‘歌え、10代。/ Utae, 10-dai. [lit. ‘Sing, Teenagers‘]’. It aims to encourage and support teenagers through music so that they can eventually carve out their own unique lives.

Aragaki Yui will invite 3000 middle/high school students to sing with her ‘小さな恋のうた / Chisana Koi no Uta [lit. ‘Little Song of Love’]’ written by the three-man rock band MONGOL800. The 3000 students and Aragaki will appear in an event held on November 7th in Tokyo.Aragaki sent the following message. “Songs give you strength just by listening, and if you sing out loud you’ll become even stronger. So when all 3000 of us sing together, we will be able to create tremendous amounts of power. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.”

After downloading a mini-application in the ‘Play You.’ website anyone can practice alongside Aragaki’s singing. One of the most popular actresses currently around combined with the power of young people will most likely result in a tremendous event.

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