Shin Min Ah Comes Back With ‘Only You’ Movie After 2 Years

It’s been revealed that actress Shin Min Ah will be making her much-anticipated comeback through the upcoming movie, ‘Only You‘.

Shin Min Ah recently confirmed her participation in the movie and is currently going over details. ‘Only You’ will be Shin Min Ah’s first project in nearly two years; her last drama, ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho‘, was made in 2010 and her last movie, ‘Million‘, was released back in 2009.

‘Only You’ will revolve around the heart-wrenching love story between a thief and a police officer — surprisingly, Shin Min Ah will be playing the role of the burglar, who’s said to be a lovable, yet assertive character.

Shin Min Ah’s partner for the movie will be actor Shin Ha Kyun from the recently concluded television drama, ‘Brain‘. ‘Only You’ plans on finalizing its cast soon, and filming will begin as early as March should things go according to plan.

Source + Photo: Star News via Naver


Who doesn’t love this girl??

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