BoA to Debut in a Hollywood Movie

BoA (24yrs) will be debuting in Hollywood soon in a dancing movie that is, to be directed by Duane Adler whom discovered her while she was performing in LA. He is known for directing movies such as “Step Up” and “Save The Last Dance.”

Currently, she’s based in Japan and will be celebrating her 10th anniversary for her Japanese debut on 31st of May. Anyway, her upcoming movie will be titled, “Cobu 3D” and she’ll be starring with Derek Hough (26yrs). He’s the winner of the popular show, “Dancing With The Stars”. The plot revolves around “two inter-racial star crossed dancers” based in New York whose love for each other is forbidden between their families. It is not surprising that she’ll be starring in a movie that involves dancing as she’s a great dancer.

Her thoughts on the movie? BoA has expressed, “I am expected to become a pro dancer in a short space of time and the pressure is immense. However, the whole experience is a lot of fun. I want people to see me dance. Also, I expect most of my fans have never seen me act alongside a male lead before, so there should be something new for them.”

Source: jpopasia

  1. #1 by Nicolette Babb on July 5, 2011 - 10:15 pm

    I will defenatly be watching this movie. I love BoA.

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